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Got this song playing in the back of my mind allll the time 😂
Comment from : TayaAllDaya

Alon Jordan
I love your music omg theses songs relate to me fr I be at school jamming 😂😘😘😘
Comment from : Alon Jordan

K’lia Nyagia
Best hands down
Comment from : K’lia Nyagia

E. Dawg
This my boo thang. She next up
Comment from : E. Dawg

Princess Pride
Yesss 🔥💙
Comment from : Princess Pride

Keyana Worthy
This is really my song
Comment from : Keyana Worthy

Erika Urbina
This song bangs ❤️ #icanrelate
Comment from : Erika Urbina

Yes GIRL! 🔥
Comment from : ItsMickeyPbaby

Goneii Munoz
Damn that voice ❤
Comment from : Goneii Munoz

Tiara C
The whole song is a hit 💔💔💔💔 Them tables definitely gone turn !!!
Comment from : Tiara C

Zakiya Hall
Dammmn I Can Relate To Every Word 😔😔😔
Comment from : Zakiya Hall

Music Slave Records
Sounds Great.. Would definitely work with
Comment from : Music Slave Records

Ling xoxo
Like this song. ❤️
Comment from : Ling xoxo

Lamere Jackson
U will never see me fail
Comment from : Lamere Jackson

Lamere Jackson
Tables will turn on u believe that
Comment from : Lamere Jackson

Taffy Tanyelle
❤❤I love you're music girl
Comment from : Taffy Tanyelle

L Holmes177
Comment from : L Holmes177

Lamere Jackson
Tables dun turnt so boy goodbye
Comment from : Lamere Jackson

I love you girl your so talented and I can relate to all your songs im def a huge fan keep doing your thing!! ;-)
Comment from : lacurlyshazz

Daisha Groomes
This how I'm feeling and it helping me to move on
Comment from : Daisha Groomes

Daisha Groomes
Love her music 💯🗣️
Comment from : Daisha Groomes

Jayy Malco
"Now I'm wishin that I neva knew ya"👌 #2020WhoStillHere?
Comment from : Jayy Malco

saucemoney beatz
Comment from : saucemoney beatz

Arielyz Lopez
Still got down on my knees when you needed prayer 😫‼️
Comment from : Arielyz Lopez

Usin Jasarovski
Thats good be proud of urself and for not being there for him when he needed u, well done, missiin acomplished now 👍
Comment from : Usin Jasarovski

Helen Eusebio
Literally I listened to you since 2015 - now I really love your music keep doing you baybe 😘!
Comment from : Helen Eusebio

Mykle Love
I cried everytime i heard this 😞😞
Comment from : Mykle Love

Sophia isabella
This song fuckn bumps. Been fucking with u for years now shits amazing how relatable u be.
Comment from : Sophia isabella

Still got down on my knees for u when u needed a prayer 🎯👌
Comment from : CallMehCoCo

Desiree Quintana
This song does not get the recognition it deserves
Comment from : Desiree Quintana

Lola Parisi
Comment from : Lola Parisi

perez knowles
I love her!!!❤️
Comment from : perez knowles

cierra montgomery
Please keep singing. Your voice is amazing
Comment from : cierra montgomery

Nicole May
Love this song and your tryna make you mines❤️❤️
Comment from : Nicole May

I felt this song 🙏😚😚😚💞💞💞💞love it
Comment from : SOY INI

althea barker
Comment from : althea barker

Sashi correa
I can relate to this song
Comment from : Sashi correa

Gloria Meeks
Comment from : Gloria Meeks

Jen Lua
I love this song so much 😍👏🏻
Comment from : Jen Lua

Epiphany Jefferson
I Really love every single albums Sydney R. write and sing I would love to if she can rap something I know for fact she would be dope
Comment from : Epiphany Jefferson

This song hits so hard I swear 😩
Comment from : Kayla

Dominique Parker
Okay so i got an idea for the vid lol. You should have a scene for either the 1st or 2nd verse where you're sitting on the table kinda like you are in the thumbnail and then You should have an effect where the camera makes it look like you're spinning upside down, stop at that point and then keep going till you're right side up again While singing your verse the whole time. idk if that makes sense but that would be dope ♨️
Comment from : Dominique Parker

La India
💜❤️You are a great 🎼 writer talented @ Sydney Renae lets all remember her name! 🙏🏾
Comment from : La India

Alina Hipsky
literally so in love with her and her music ❤🥺
Comment from : Alina Hipsky

Marcel Brown
Another one ! 🔥🎶🔥 Keep Shining!
Comment from : Marcel Brown

Horse Williams
Love your songs, all of then!! but MORE songs please!!!
Comment from : Horse Williams

Am’eer De’zhon
She snapping🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Am’eer De’zhon

tashani Wright
But you couldnt help only caring for ya self that line right there hit home
Comment from : tashani Wright

Anely Robledo
Can Relate!! Just got cheated on couple days ago and it opened my eyes how toxic it was. This music gets me thru there hard time💯 pls keep making more music like this for us!💯💯♥️🙏🏼
Comment from : Anely Robledo

Felicia Renteria
0:43 from there to the roaches 😂💀👀
Comment from : Felicia Renteria

Zaida Ramos
This Song Speaks For Me What I Just Went Thru. I Killed His Pain Needs & Gave Him All My Love ! For Him To BackStab Me 😩🖤
Comment from : Zaida Ramos

Charisma Wade
yo you been doing ur thing these songs are bangers
Comment from : Charisma Wade

Dionna Barrett
🔥🔥🔥🔥 yes a new song ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Dionna Barrett

My girl neva eva disappoint! Is listening every hour too much :/
Comment from : hermonie

Lucia Meekins
Comment from : Lucia Meekins

David Obienu
And who produced this?
Comment from : David Obienu

David Obienu
Keep going winner
Comment from : David Obienu

David Obienu
Wow you’re a great lyricist
Comment from : David Obienu

Unique Taylor
You never disappoint with songs 😩💓💓💓ily!!
Comment from : Unique Taylor

Lisa L
Comment from : Lisa L

Ny Productions
This song really hit 🥵💙🥰
Comment from : Ny Productions

Kayleigh d
Yesssss girl u keep shittin on em!!!
Comment from : Kayleigh d

Ali castero
Talk ya shit ma 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥🤞💯
Comment from : Ali castero

Sunshine Shawtyy
i literally love this song. bruhhhh
Comment from : Sunshine Shawtyy

Carley Stevens
Love this song girl
Comment from : Carley Stevens

He was a total Narcissist.
Comment from : WarriorPoet

YumYum Kee
Damn you just wrote this for me
Comment from : YumYum Kee

jada kiss
"Only see me winning aint gone never see me fail"
Comment from : jada kiss

Caylin Walling
"Still got down on my knees for you when you needed prayer" ‼️💯🤞🏼💪🏼
Comment from : Caylin Walling

She underrated af she make that good music
Comment from : blondeChanel

Boss Shit
you got a new one i can not give one on but get at me you are a 💯 all Damn Day
Comment from : Boss Shit

I love you 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Comment from : YoshiTV

Melon Papi
Wow this shit touched my heart every time I listen to it 😩♥️ exactly what I’m going through
Comment from : Melon Papi

Hodan Mohamud
Damn her song be hitting you hard 😫like it so relatable 🤣
Comment from : Hodan Mohamud

Jermain Oneal
I hate waiting on her music, but it's always worth it
Comment from : Jermain Oneal

itz carmeni
This song is good but fr babygurl who hurt you ? Imma woop they lil ass.
Comment from : itz carmeni

Dust free 2020. Avoid the dustys (broke and cheap/stingy rich men). Generous providers and protectors only.
Comment from : AS

That roach part 🦗... is some true shit... I felt that..
Comment from : belfam89

Rachael Blackburn
Honestly your such an amazing artists, you will make it, us fans will be continuing to give you the love 😍😘 keep bringing us amazing songs
Comment from : Rachael Blackburn

Elizabeth Scorpio
Put me right in the feels... Now I'm crying at work...#spokemylife
Comment from : Elizabeth Scorpio

Barry Jackson
bruh. just bruh
Comment from : Barry Jackson

Romonica Lewis
Been Here Since Your Remixes Your Litarally The Best Person To Listen To Your Music Is The Best All Your Music Speaks Facts I Love That Yu Keep It Real And Yu Always Believe In yourself Your Beautiful And Talented I Love It And I Love Yu❤🥰
Comment from : Romonica Lewis

Just Nique
Comment from : Just Nique

Dominique Barbero
Felt this 🗣
Comment from : Dominique Barbero

literally obsessed!
Comment from : LIZZ FENDII

nini leigh
I felt this shit ! 💯
Comment from : nini leigh

Meet Kee
Every song ive ever heard from you makes me wanna go so hard for you and we’ve never even met....I just vibe off your music literally everyday of my life ❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍 keep shining queen
Comment from : Meet Kee

Robin Young
we need to collab
Comment from : Robin Young

Robin Young
love you so much
Comment from : Robin Young

nikaysha harvill
The moment I heard this song ya been on repeat ❣️
Comment from : nikaysha harvill

Why don’t the girl have a face?🤣🤣
Comment from : kadrienMFclemmer

Stephanie Roberts
the more i listen to her songs on repeat the more i love them
Comment from : Stephanie Roberts

Marcella G
my x
Comment from : Marcella G

April Jamiaa
Comment from : April Jamiaa

Diamond Boateng
I had to listen to it like 40 times before changing the song I feel it word from word🙏🏿👌🏿
Comment from : Diamond Boateng

Renessyy _
She’s so slept on
Comment from : Renessyy _

Harpreet Channa
You gotta voice :)
Comment from : Harpreet Channa

Cassey Guerra
“All i seem to get is headaches when i’m messing w/ a male” 🤦🏻‍♀️🥵💯
Comment from : Cassey Guerra

Dontesia Carter
Realest mess ever wrote for this time day and age.. keep showing your soul mami. 👏
Comment from : Dontesia Carter

Jade Moore
On repeat🔂
Comment from : Jade Moore

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