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Riyaa cabanizas Gabon
2020 🥀
Comment from : Riyaa cabanizas Gabon

Jonel Españo
This song 💜
Comment from : Jonel Españo

Eljay Corpuz
Comment from : Eljay Corpuz

Cliford Canapi
2020 im falling asleep
Comment from : Cliford Canapi

aircon not a fan
this song sounds like the perfect wedding song ❤
Comment from : aircon not a fan

Vhin Moreno
aldub the runaways
Comment from : Vhin Moreno

Astri Amira
Comment from : Astri Amira

Gabriela Melmida
I love this song 💓
Comment from : Gabriela Melmida

Isa Chaula
My Gentle..Sangar..Macho..
Always Lavvv U

Comment from : Isa Chaula

ai JEB
Comment from : ai JEB

Cj23 2010
Love u bai 😘
Comment from : Cj23 2010

Cj23 2010
Comment from : Cj23 2010

Maida Toombs
Thumbs up who still listening 👍 2020!
Comment from : Maida Toombs

Phany Meas
I want to runaway to Ireland, away from Donald Trump.
Comment from : Phany Meas

Angelica Tiama
2020 and still addicted to this :)
Comment from : Angelica Tiama

Victoria Midrange
Loves of my life
Comment from : Victoria Midrange

Micaela Samson
One of my favorite song!! 😍
Comment from : Micaela Samson

Elyruthlyn Palo
2020 anyone? 💞
Comment from : Elyruthlyn Palo

Jan Elize Isabelle Ubaldo
2020 who still watching this video
Comment from : Jan Elize Isabelle Ubaldo

Emilia Argente
Super fave ko ang corrs haayy gaganda ng kanta nila ang boses wlang arte chill lang nakakarelax sarap magpahinga
Comment from : Emilia Argente

Kaila Deasis
I remember my classmate do this in violin and that day i know this song
Comment from : Kaila Deasis

Sheina Verpoort
Fin 2019 qui l'écoute encore ?
Comment from : Sheina Verpoort

Maria Duetiz
Oh my god to be honest if been searching for this song for years and years and now I've found it already this was my grandparents themesong of their golden anniversary and I very like this one much
Comment from : Maria Duetiz

Jyll Aisley
Falling in love with you 💟
Comment from : Jyll Aisley

RodMarc Soreta
Comment from : RodMarc Soreta

pinky valladolid
one of my fav
Comment from : pinky valladolid

Mr Katt
This Is A Great Song Me And My Girlfriend At The Park Sitting Down Lookin At The Sunset
Comment from : Mr Katt

diana arash
2019 Still Listening
Comment from : diana arash

Aurelio Santiago
golden voice. sarap pakingan ang boses.
Comment from : Aurelio Santiago

Crystall Bahoy
Comment from : Crystall Bahoy

Linda M
Always love them.
Comment from : Linda M

guzman rosebel
My ex Ran away wit other girl. And theyre married. This was our song. :(
Comment from : guzman rosebel

Esther Lin Piamonte
I wanted to run away with him, but he ran away with the other one. 💔

Comment from : Esther Lin Piamonte

Jona Lyn
I want this to be my wedding song.. 💒
Comment from : Jona Lyn

Jake Leavis
not heard this song in over 20 years
Comment from : Jake Leavis

Joms Medcilam
Ewan ko ba pag nariring ko tong kanta ikaw lage naalala. Kung mabasa mo man to kung sakali. Alam kung marami akung pagkukulang at mga nagawang kamalihan sa buhay.. SORRY sa LAHAT Mahal na mahal kita mag-iingat ka palage Jeline Malasan.
Comment from : Joms Medcilam

illyn Pinto
I have runaway with YOU😥..
Comment from : illyn Pinto

Roselle Reyes
Such a beautiful song😍 still listening november 2019❤
Comment from : Roselle Reyes

Marc Rosales
ganda talaga all time favorite..
Comment from : Marc Rosales

Mandy Ramirez
Me and my boyfriend are in crisis right now. But still I love him, it reminds me of how I loved him from the start..
Comment from : Mandy Ramirez

Cristian Mark Negrosa
11.06.2019 (3:47pm)
Comment from : Cristian Mark Negrosa

Lyza Mae Mabal
Charry and Brixx from SILA ❣️
Comment from : Lyza Mae Mabal

Alexa Perez
Tristan Kurt Lee and Crystal Gail Rivera❤️
Comment from : Alexa Perez

Christy Baquero
I'll never gonna stop fallin' inlove with you ❤
Comment from : Christy Baquero

Kevin Cerico
November 1 2019
Friday, 2:15 PM

Comment from : Kevin Cerico

Niks Leal
Still the best runaway 😍
Comment from : Niks Leal

Bhob RV
2020 anyone?
Comment from : Bhob RV

Iza AmVas
Comment from : Iza AmVas

Atuhaire Vickie
Ma fst time to listen to this song was in 2010 from ma teacher's laptop at school. But today mrng I wokeup when its on ma head had to go on utube and look for it. I enjoy this song for sure. 2019 Oct oooyeeee
Comment from : Atuhaire Vickie

Rodrigo Antalasco
I'm never gonna stop falling inlove with you❤
Comment from : Rodrigo Antalasco

Mariaclothy Bada
whos listen this october 21 2019 great song
Comment from : Mariaclothy Bada

Assoka Watie
Ohhh mine❤❤❤
Comment from : Assoka Watie

dean John Viar
Comment from : dean John Viar

angenitt atuel
Nice song I love it..
Comment from : angenitt atuel

Vanessa Panganiban
october 2019
Comment from : Vanessa Panganiban

denmark cruz
Cause i'm falling in love (falling in love) with you no matter i'm never gonna stop falling in love with you🥰❤️
Comment from : denmark cruz

Kethmark Zamora
Me octuber 10 2019+ 9:34 time
Comment from : Kethmark Zamora

Miles Kimsomai
October 2019❣️
Comment from : Miles Kimsomai

Russel Lim11
And so on🥰
Comment from : Russel Lim11

Russel Lim11
Comment from : Russel Lim11

Duality Firm
Comment from : Duality Firm

Bel Puebla
Comment from : Bel Puebla

Devie Susanto
I remembered that I had the cassette of the Corrs album, miss those old days
Comment from : Devie Susanto

Leobilla Cabugawan
Ilove this song very much..relate ako SA MGA kinasal..😎😎😎
Comment from : Leobilla Cabugawan

Junjun Estropia
Nice song :)
Comment from : Junjun Estropia

This song reminds me of my high school prom ❤
Comment from : ELVERA PYPONCO

Zaldy T. Sacay Jr.
September 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Zaldy T. Sacay Jr.

Harold Gray TV
Listening this 2019 at 4am
Comment from : Harold Gray TV

Kaye Cabides
Comment from : Kaye Cabides

Metal Mulisha
Coz ayay ah ah aha ah ah
Comment from : Metal Mulisha

Lorine Amadi
Ever green to me!
Comment from : Lorine Amadi

Mary Biuwale
Omg I've been looking all over for this amazing song...it's my FAVOURITE songs....God bless the band...forever
Comment from : Mary Biuwale

Jonel Babano
It really makes me fall in love everytime I hear this song. ❤️😍
Comment from : Jonel Babano

1234 subs without video challenge
This song is so beautiful, I even dreamt of singing it in my dreams!❤️
Comment from : 1234 subs without video challenge

Jocelyn Matulac
Wow... It made me coolest ever.
Comment from : Jocelyn Matulac

Rodelyn Miran
my future wedding song <3
Comment from : Rodelyn Miran

co conut
The most song ever...
Comment from : co conut

Soilo Baisa
Mayweather love this song
Comment from : Soilo Baisa

gacha galaxian
After I listen to this song. I tell myself 'why didn't you tell him you love him' now where still in the same school. My feelings are still growing for him😩😟😢😢😢
Comment from : gacha galaxian

Carla lou Cortez

Comment from : Carla lou Cortez

Le Ley
2030? Hahahahaha i hope I’m still alive at 2030 or should I say the world still alive at 2030
Comment from : Le Ley

Abrille San
This song reminds me of him. IM SO IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL OVER AGAIN. Still him. Only him. He had a piece in my heart that always be
Him.. 💗

Comment from : Abrille San

taleta nasi
Ini siape nih?
Comment from : taleta nasi

Ayu Hidyati
Suka lagu ni. Melodinya nadanya..tapi lebih suka lagu2 motivasi
Comment from : Ayu Hidyati

Michael Ryan Quiambao
2019 who still watching📺📺
Comment from : Michael Ryan Quiambao

Nicah Daluz
Everytime I heard this song, it refresh everything, since day 1! ☺️ By the way, this is our theme song! 💕💕💕
Comment from : Nicah Daluz

andy guilas
ok.ZkTkiboutte uehdheh Hahahahah hHahahaha read😄😄😄😉😉😉
Comment from : andy guilas

Marianne Gahut
9 ❤️👏

Comment from : Marianne Gahut

Michelle Palaya
What a beautiful song...😊😊😊
Comment from : Michelle Palaya

Cat Lover
My wedding song when I get older
Comment from : Cat Lover

jack jackson3
I much prefer this version than the tin tin out remix..
Comment from : jack jackson3

Regie Espina
Damn i remember this song i was 3 years old that year when my aunt and uncle got married... And now im 12 yeaes old...
Comment from : Regie Espina

noel bragais
tnx miss thrismarie edradan from mr, salmiya kuwait ^__^
Comment from : noel bragais

Junrey Zerrudo
Falling inlove of you in every minute
Comment from : Junrey Zerrudo

Dalangan, Ryan Bonn
July 2019
I'm never gonna stop falling
In love with you, yhans.
I love you 😍😘

Comment from : Dalangan, Ryan Bonn

Lea Nacis
I will listen this again if i find my someone😁😁
Comment from : Lea Nacis

Lorgentiffany Guerrero
😻😀😧2019!i have run away im falling in love.
Comment from : Lorgentiffany Guerrero

Benedicto Mabula
I am watching me irene I love it so much
Comment from : Benedicto Mabula

Chloieby Magan
Im never gonna stop falling inlove with you by 💕
Comment from : Chloieby Magan

Chloieby Magan
By ❤ pinag aralan ko tong song para syo hahahah labsyuuuu 💕😘
Comment from : Chloieby Magan

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