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Comment from : TikTokTunes

Comment from : Pietas

Mari s
quando ouço essa música só consigo pensar no meu crush
Comment from : Mari s

team 10 fan
New school
Turn me up a little bit
Yeah, uh, uh
It's LikyBo in this thing, man, huh
See your face
Shit, I mean
I, I guess I
I guess I kinda, I kinda am a rapper, so
I wrote this song
It's about you, I mean
You can listen to it if you want to, here it go, look

[Verse 1]
You actin' naughty in this party, the way you movin' your body
Tryna get you to the room and beat that pussy like I'm Ali
Pretty sure you heard about me, so you know I'm makin' statements
When I'm done with you, girl, don't try to cuff me like the stations
I don't really do relations, but we rockin' like a ship
Ride for me, baby, like this 40 on my hip
And I don't fuck with these hoes, you ain't never gotta trip
Tryna make you the first lady and make other bitches sick
'Cause I'm tossin' and turnin', I can't sleep when you ain't next to me
Gotta thank the Lord, he gave me you, he really blessin' me
My last bitch really wasn't shit, she kept on stressin' me
You the best to me, baby, just let me know your recipe

Ima give it how you like it
I know you in my future, girl, I'm psychic
Hit it from the back, and after that, I let you ride it
I'm deep inside it, and even in public, I want you private
'Cause you look so sexy, you really turn me on
Blow my mind every time I see your face, girl

[Verse 2]
It's been a minute since I gave you some dick, baby
That's why you trippin' and you throwin' all these fits lately
I know you like it like that, then like this, baby
I'ma make you feel it in your stomach like you sick, baby, don't forget
How you believed in me when I wasn't shit
I probably did you wrong before, I wouldn't do it again
You probably said you done before, but we ain't come to an end
I just wanna give you something more like I did to begin
I know it's wrong when I come home late, that's what you hate
I hit your phone to say I'm on my way, bae, can you wait?
'Cause I'ma eat it like it's on my plate to fix your face
These bitches mad 'cause they want your place, but they can't get it

You look so, you really turn me on
Blow my every time I see your face, girl
You look so sexy, you really turn me on
Blow my mind every time I see your face, girl

Contact me: itstiktoktunes@gmail.com

#tiktok #tiktoktunes
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Comment from : team 10 fan

And I oop
Comment from : And I oop

Arguu Gacha
you really turn me on <3
Comment from : Arguu Gacha

Алина Бережецкая
Русские ловите
You look so sexy
U really turn me on
Blow my mind every time
I see ur face

Comment from : Алина Бережецкая

Pxnk Cløud
1:20 thank me later
Comment from : Pxnk Cløud

Ceylin 61
Comment from : Ceylin 61

Charlize Masse
1:20 tiktok 🤪😂
Comment from : Charlize Masse

Webcam Girls
как это набрало столько просмотров ?
Comment from : Webcam Girls

ginástica e sonhos Eloah victoria
O comentário português que vc procura
Comment from : ginástica e sonhos Eloah victoria

afi fadhilahzaki11
Comment from : afi fadhilahzaki11

Madison Houseknecht
Comment from : Madison Houseknecht

This song is dedicated to jeff goldblum
Comment from : AMCG

1:21 Thank me later Baby
Comment from : Silakka

no one.
Comment from : no one.

Alexandria Patrice
1:21 Thank me later💙😚
Comment from : Alexandria Patrice

Andrej Horvath
That remands my of my girlfriend a give her a big hug so a dont luz herr😗😗
Comment from : Andrej Horvath

Rana 88.
Ahhhh 😭😭💞.
Comment from : Rana 88.

Alfredo Marpaung
Comment from : Alfredo Marpaung

Moistro Phile
Play it at 0.75x. It sounds nice
Comment from : Moistro Phile

bro 1212
u look so sexy
Comment from : bro 1212

Emily_ chan
you look so sexy

Really Turn me on

Blow My Mind Every Time




Comment from : Emily_ chan

Gabriella Nelson
1:20 thank me later
Comment from : Gabriella Nelson

Leika K
Heres the part that everybody came here to listen to, 1:20
Comment from : Leika K

Comment from : NOAH DESCHAMPS

1:20 🥵
Comment from : L3ggo

1:12 or 1:20
Comment from : Brii

Jeffrey Horning and Alexus Horning
Comment from : Jeffrey Horning and Alexus Horning

Sofie Norlander
1:20 is the part you're looking for
Comment from : Sofie Norlander

Ariana Martin
you look sou sexy;)<3.
Comment from : Ariana Martin

Priscila & Maria
Everyone came here for 1:19 ?😂😂
Comment from : Priscila & Maria

Ke'Anna Bogan
i love this song
Comment from : Ke'Anna Bogan

Danmarks Lykke
1:18 thank me later tik tokkers
Comment from : Danmarks Lykke

Haa Hee
Indian version
“Ju look so cutie
Ju should really show me your passwords
Scam my mind every time
I see your Microsoft details”

Comment from : Haa Hee

Who listen to this song when it first came out and not from Tik tok 🤮🤮 likybo my baby bitches
Comment from : J C

10 likes y se la mando a mi crush
Comment from : Clara140108

รัตติกาล ผาสุข
You love so sexy
You really turn me on
Blown my mind every time

Comment from : รัตติกาล ผาสุข

hi guys
1:20 is what ure looking for !! 🤪
Comment from : hi guys

Harleigh Quinn
His voice is pretty much every thing to me
Comment from : Harleigh Quinn

Raffathsa Maskajendra
Comment from : Raffathsa Maskajendra

cxmfy clouds
umm.. you have 666k subs
Comment from : cxmfy clouds

Angela Christoph
yesterday he/she had 664k subs now he/she has 666k! I am so proud of you./ love your videos and music!
Comment from : Angela Christoph

tik tok gang?
Comment from : Gtotheg

can’t even lie.. the way i b vibin to this song is craaaazy. the beat and flow and the SAMPLE? rlly glad i’ve sound this song on tik tok 😩
Comment from : s

Mel_ 09
You looked so blessed
Make me scream MashaAllah
Blow my mind everytime
I see you Hijab

Comment from : Mel_ 09

•lusmi •
wen todos los comentarios estan en ingles y no entendes ni mergas pero no te importa porque venis de likee o de tik tok
Comment from : •lusmi •

Aury tumblerwaii
1:21 ❤️🌺
Comment from : Aury tumblerwaii

Анастасия Кондратьева
song name ?
Comment from : Анастасия Кондратьева

can u not
his voice is so sexy.....
Comment from : can u not

Summer P
This song is so good and cute until he gotta get all dirty with it
Comment from : Summer P

Angela Christoph
who sent this video to their crush or bf?
Comment from : Angela Christoph

Mía Avila
You look so sexy
You really tun me on
Bolw My mind every tome i see your face.

Comment from : Mía Avila

Autumn Hale
nothing better than a raspy voice😩
Comment from : Autumn Hale

ltc 『MY』 G.O.A.T
1k likes and I will send this to my crush
Comment from : ltc 『MY』 G.O.A.T

Doge 21D
1:19 Is what ur looking for
Comment from : Doge 21D

Sirius Black
a boy sent this to me, what does it mean guyys
Comment from : Sirius Black

Paulina Diosa
Quien más ama esta canción?
PD: lo sé soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando...

Comment from : Paulina Diosa

Sean Ryan
I first heard this in my girlfriends edit
Comment from : Sean Ryan

DeStRoYeR - Brawl
* TikTok вошёл в чат *
Comment from : DeStRoYeR - Brawl

Comment from : Leticia

olivia mae
Every time I see you face
Comment from : olivia mae

Comment from : vapor

BabyJay 20005
Comment from : BabyJay 20005

Sarouuush Rcm
Comment from : Sarouuush Rcm

Blythe Harlow
Follow jenil vilbar on tiktok huehue
Comment from : Blythe Harlow

Savannah PLAYZ
1:21 yassss
Comment from : Savannah PLAYZ

jesslyn baltazar
I love this song?
Comment from : jesslyn baltazar

Liam Capri
Comment from : Liam Capri

Eliana kun
Comment from : Eliana kun

Jovita Latimer
You look so♥️♥️

Sexy you really 😍 😍

Turn me on🔥🔥

Blow my mind💗💗

Every time💕💕

I see💌💌

Your face💌💕💗🔥♥️😘💞😍💋💟❣️💓💖💝💘❤️🥰

Comment from : Jovita Latimer

Korry Burns
1:20 me to my girl
Comment from : Korry Burns

Billie Eilish
This hits different 🥵🤪🥰🙈
Comment from : Billie Eilish

Ashley Wright
Can you do take top songs of the Spanish part of Tik Tok
Comment from : Ashley Wright

Eliana Ruiz
So if u know rhe tik tok trend using this song u know how it works and i swnt the lyrics to my bf and he said,"ur sooooo hot" i was dead😊😂
Comment from : Eliana Ruiz

Vale Avila
If u are here from Tik tok,
u actually know what to do guys


Comment from : Vale Avila

Tv turant
Whole else just loves Blitzkrieg
Comment from : Tv turant

Grace Morley
Blow my mind! Every time I see your face!
Comment from : Grace Morley

Kay’s Amphibians
You look so sexy, you really turn me on, blow my mind every time i see you face! TIK TOK MATE 🤪😝
Comment from : Kay’s Amphibians

Abdulkareem Doucoure
1:20 best part out the whole song like my comment
Comment from : Abdulkareem Doucoure

Don’t tell my homies I listen to this song
Comment from : Khaos

Emiliano Ortega C:
One like for everybody can't find this beautiful song
Comment from : Emiliano Ortega C:

1:20 😁
Comment from : MIȚÃ GVM

Earl Foulks
💎♥️❤️I love this song
Comment from : Earl Foulks

Zebra Zeberka
Comment from : Zebra Zeberka

Hello matafaka
Gib me indian so cuti send boob
Comment from : Hello matafaka

Nati xoxo
Comment from : Nati xoxo

1:20 ✨
Comment from : SoyKheaBro

Ibon mong may layang lumipad
We need a song with only the guy with that voice
Comment from : Ibon mong may layang lumipad

Ibon mong may layang lumipad
Everyone be doing this to their crushes, can't we just listen to this without doing that like things
Comment from : Ibon mong may layang lumipad

Brianna Torres
Comment from : Brianna Torres

Lopez Trio
Tiktok brings me here
Comment from : Lopez Trio


You look so sexy 🥵
You really turn me on 🤤
Blow my mind everytime 🤯
I seee your face 🥴

Comment from : M L

arnold cabote
my brother tought me this song
Comment from : arnold cabote

kayree besson
12 likes and I'll send this to my crush 😔 ✋
Comment from : kayree besson

Potatofriend13 Gachalife
Me describing my crush in a nutshell
Comment from : Potatofriend13 Gachalife

Tik tok on the clock
Comment from : Gorgonasix

Cousins For life
The background chorus hits different🥴
Comment from : Cousins For life

Ida Mataia
Comment from : Ida Mataia

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