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Sean Gray
autotune?...i dont even know what that means!!!!..\,,/,....lol
Comment from : Sean Gray

No Body
Ich bin nicht wegen Monte hier, sondern wegen meinem guten Musikgechmack.
Comment from : No Body

an erster stelle freu ich mich einfach für mehmet digga

Comment from : rarealex

Thomas Walker
Sasuke Uchiha
Comment from : Thomas Walker

Mario Trejo
Esta con madre esta rola.
Comment from : Mario Trejo

carl wilburn
good cover, but seger still owns it. metallica has a good take though.
Comment from : carl wilburn

McGames Company
4:53 when they say you to put all star again
Comment from : McGames Company

Coffee Black
Metallica's version or Bob Seger's... Metallica.... but a concert.... Bob Seger... who agrees?
Comment from : Coffee Black

Douglas Barbudo
Cadê os brasileiros que estão escutando esse show espetacular em 2020?!!!
Comment from : Douglas Barbudo

Cyrano DeBergerac
I dont think anyone can enjoy this song as much as I do. I have been listening to it since I was 12.
Comment from : Cyrano DeBergerac

Damned Legion
On the Road again!!
Comment from : Damned Legion

Phillip Nowak
Monte hats berühmt gemacht
Comment from : Phillip Nowak

SoNiC xDuDeX
This is how a cover is done.
Comment from : SoNiC xDuDeX

Duane Dove
Stop butchering good songs !
Comment from : Duane Dove

Lovingevery minuteofit69
My god .... Is it possible that they made this classic song their own ??? Well yes, yes they did .... Talk about artistic vision ... They brought it to life ...
Comment from : Lovingevery minuteofit69

Tosic D Alex
can someone name some song like this, strong emotional lyrics with a strong good intstrumental?
Comment from : Tosic D Alex

Lolbit is becht
Nur da wegen monte
Comment from : Lolbit is becht

one of the best remakes of all time but then again its fckn Metallica y wouldnt it b
Comment from : jus

Pablo Perez
Kirk es el que le da el feeling a ésta obra maestra...
Comment from : Pablo Perez

GreeK Prince91
traurig wenn man dieses Lied von einem LiveStreamer aus nur kennt.....
Comment from : GreeK Prince91

Brandon Chavez
They gotta make a red dead redemption 2 music video with this song.
Comment from : Brandon Chavez

Richard Ross
Bob Seger much better not even a contest
Comment from : Richard Ross

5k people accidentally tore the page
Comment from : Zach

Autumn Ball
You pretend it doesn’t bother you, but you just want to explode
Comment from : Autumn Ball

Alden Burnell
I think this song is about an old rock star who wants to slow down in life, but his career won't let him. He just feels tired, alone, and empty. At least that's how it sounds when Bob sings it...
Comment from : Alden Burnell

Tyler London
"Feel sorry for me because I'm rich and famous and everybody loves me."
Comment from : Tyler London

John McKnight
🎆🚀 2020
Comment from : John McKnight

First verse I think it oughta be "one note song" and not "as one old song". As in at the truck stop the steady engine noise at certain RPMs make a certain note.
Comment from : bellybutthole

TIGHT 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

Madhav Pathak
You pretend it doesn't bother you but you just want to explode 🔥
Comment from : Madhav Pathak

Krystal Woody
🤘later in the evening, as u lie awake in bed,
with the echos of the amplifiers,
ringin in your head,
smoke the days last cigarette, rememberin' what she said....what she said

Comment from : Krystal Woody

Antboy 925
Me: (looks at the comments section) I thought Poland got fucked by the Germans. I have seen nothing yet
Comment from : Antboy 925

Justin Dilley
Imaging being a total dick and running a non skippable ad right before the solo.
Comment from : Justin Dilley

New Year....Turn the page...Smoke my last cigarette.
Comment from : thedarkness97

YoOli 1
Montana Black 😂😂 hahaha
Comment from : YoOli 1

Jason Good
Comment from : Jason Good

Square Creative
As the sweat pours ou-choor Bodey-eh!
Comment from : Square Creative

Square Creative
possibly the greatest song ever?
Comment from : Square Creative

Epic track
Comment from : OmniscientVirtuosity

Good but for credits you forgot the most important person...Bob Seger the man who wrote it.
Comment from : BGsimracing

Antney Fatts
One of the worst remakes ever!!
Comment from : Antney Fatts

Arkan Khalid
www.halabja.jimdo.com kurdistan Republic Exest Vor Ever
Comment from : Arkan Khalid

not the song i was originally looking for, but thank you! I enjoined it!
Comment from : TheHTAA

Leo Smid
On the Road Alain ahhhgaezukgs
Comment from : Leo Smid

filip robert
Here i am!
Comment from : filip robert

Wer ist auch wegen monte hier?😂🤚🏻
Comment from : sarahgamerin300

ChanMan 2802
Bob Seger gotcha. Sorry guys.
Comment from : ChanMan 2802

Flayed Face
fucking nazis
Comment from : Flayed Face

Höllische Blume
Turn the pages turn to stone sick and tire- wait wrong song
Comment from : Höllische Blume

General Grievous
An erster Stelle freu ich mich einfach für...

Mich. Das ich diesen geilen Song gefunden habe

Comment from : General Grievous

Noel Gallagher
Fuvcking looooove this track!!!!! must be underrated and not well known ! one of my fave Metallica songs.
Comment from : Noel Gallagher

Just Me Sarah
If i'm gonna have a boyfriend, i want him to be a metalhead, so we can headbang toghether on Metallica
Comment from : Just Me Sarah

12/12/2k19 still has the same charm 🥰🥰
Comment from : Mustapha LAMRHARI

Elias H.
Kein Ding

Comment from : Elias H.

Christian samuel santiago hernandez
Sons of anarchy
Comment from : Christian samuel santiago hernandez

Osnel Vargas
Por amor a Jehovah escucho esta canción y sigo perfeccionando...
Comment from : Osnel Vargas

An erster Digga freu mich einfach für Stelle Mehmet.
Comment from : EinMensch

Son Goku Blue
Mega geiler song
Comment from : Son Goku Blue

Eileen Fox
One of the best memories I have... Metallica at the Electric Factory in Philly.... 1998ish?? 😁🤟🏻❤️
Comment from : Eileen Fox

benjamin bruce
does Germany not make music? why so many Germans lol
Comment from : benjamin bruce

Artur Szczepanski
i checked… metellica sound the best...
Comment from : Artur Szczepanski

Sakis Ad ptolemaida
Και γαμω τα τραγούδια
Comment from : Sakis Ad ptolemaida


Comment from : Jjacob8600

Mert Uyanik
Ich verstehe Monte warum er den Song feiert !!
Comment from : Mert Uyanik

Only Metallica can do Seger justice.....love both versions
Comment from : MrsGamal2013

I wish I knew German after reading the comments.
Comment from : TheJollyHellHound

David van der Linde
Falls jemand wegen Monte hier ist , bitte versucht dieses Lied zu genießen 🤤 . Metallica hat da nähmlich ein geiles Bob Seger Cover heraus gemacht 🤘
Comment from : David van der Linde

Amanda Desjarlais
HEre i am fuckers ! lol jk.. love me some METALLICA
Comment from : Amanda Desjarlais

Levi Johnson
Damn krauts act like this comment feed is Poland.
Comment from : Levi Johnson

Jason Thomson
don't mind me, just a English comment passing through.... um murica and whiskey... yeah.... and stuff...
Comment from : Jason Thomson

GreeK Prince91
Thanks God I've born in 1991 to witness great songs not nowadays bullshit
Comment from : GreeK Prince91

Steven K McDuffie
Comment from : Steven K McDuffie

Keaton Wittwer
There’s nothing but steers and queers in Montana
Comment from : Keaton Wittwer

eww they made it bad not all songs should be redone
Comment from : blackhawk

Greg Bethscheider
I really like this cover of Turn the Page by Metallica but the one thing that was missing was the piano at the beginning a lot of people did not like Metallica's cover of the song believe me I've met a lot but they still covered it damn good in my opinion
Comment from : Greg Bethscheider

Slk smg
I love this song
Comment from : Slk smg

arşimet kalktı
bu müziği sevmeyen net vurduruyodur.
Comment from : arşimet kalktı

Seiten auf Moneten
Wer ist auch wegen Monte hier
Comment from : Seiten auf Moneten

TSS Swag
Comment from : TSS Swag

Metallica did this song way better than Bob Seger in my opinion.
Comment from : AksiMaximus

Sean Renzi
I always thought this was a Metallica song when I was a teen
Comment from : Sean Renzi

Cerulean Rapture
Definition of goosbump and self confidence
Comment from : Cerulean Rapture

Nice cover, but still a cover.
Comment from : M

Ich bin ein Berliner?
Comment from : MPrime

alle die wegen monte hier sind ist noch erbärmlich das man wegen einem youtuber so ein geiles lied erst findet
Comment from : Priczz

Beni Rew
O n T h E r O a D a G a I n
Comment from : Beni Rew

Wie sich die Leute aufregen weil die Kommentare voll mit Monte Kommentare sind, höhöhö 😇
Comment from : Fu13an

F**nking super performance. It has the real anger that Bob Seger must have felt when he wrote this song. Thank you Metallica to express Bob's feelings in the right way. :-)
Comment from : MrTonheemskerk

5k dislike? lol....weird
Comment from : AMAZING Videos

Mr. Kid
MontanaBlack88 Effekt
Comment from : Mr. Kid

Philjason 16
Eigentlich bin ich nur wegen Monte hier, aber das Lied ist schon Nice. :D
Comment from : Philjason 16

Crapster Stereo
prezel prezel
Comment from : Crapster Stereo

zeze do bone
Comment from : zeze do bone

satana helvetti nu får ni hålla käft
Comment from : srSmokealot

Παύλος Ζαφ
Me *Jamming endlessly*: LONG LIVE SOA!!
Comment from : Παύλος Ζαφ

Celeste Kaminska
It never ends
They just dont stop

Comment from : Celeste Kaminska

Yesenia Vasquez
This song makes me feel like driving to G.A. And slapped someone special!!!
Comment from : Yesenia Vasquez

Emre 64
,,Mehdi Clip"
Comment from : Emre 64

GodAkeno ツ
Wer hört es 2k19
Comment from : GodAkeno ツ

Nicolas Raffo
Vamo arriba alemaniaaaa
Comment from : Nicolas Raffo

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