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What did you last eat?
Comment from : 7clouds

ChanChan Vergara
This is my favorite song of Ava Max🥰
Comment from : ChanChan Vergara

Skyebye Harwood
Love this song
Comment from : Skyebye Harwood

Kiki's Slime World
Lauv it❤️
Comment from : Kiki's Slime World

Kyoungmin Kim
Sooooooo cool i LOVE IT!
Comment from : Kyoungmin Kim

Windprinz 3ssin
Comment from : Windprinz 3ssin

Stella och Erika Lampio
I love when ava says "oh no"
Comment from : Stella och Erika Lampio

Stella och Erika Lampio
This is my favo music
Comment from : Stella och Erika Lampio

I loveeeeeeee this song OMG it's now my favourite song of her😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Comment from : SSO_Girl

Shamsul Islam
Your contagious baby the way you love me hate me to rock rock the rock me lately
Comment from : Shamsul Islam

Gunnar Corry
oh my gosh, me ten but i still Give This MUCH WOOOOW, Don't forget to giv dis doge a like!
Comment from : Gunnar Corry

Funda Isgor
Lıke Please ı love ava max

Comment from : Funda Isgor

Kamilla Andó
My favorite singer is Ava Max
Comment from : Kamilla Andó

قطرات المطر
Comment from : قطرات المطر

Douglas Brear
My little sister won’t stop listening to this song 😂
Comment from : Douglas Brear

Dog Man Fan
Did all the parts of,"Right Now Baby I'm Torn"
Comment from : Dog Man Fan

Dog Man Fan
Comment from : Dog Man Fan

Dog Man Fan
Comment from : Dog Man Fan

Dog Man Fan
Comment from : Dog Man Fan

Dog Man Fan
2:47 2:48
Comment from : Dog Man Fan

Dog Man Fan
Comment from : Dog Man Fan

Dog Man Fan
Comment from : Dog Man Fan

Dog Man Fan
Comment from : Dog Man Fan

Dog Man Fan
Comment from : Dog Man Fan

Dog Man Fan
Comment from : Dog Man Fan

Dog Man Fan
Comment from : Dog Man Fan

Jo Decheva
When I'm in an exam and singing this song in my head whilst tearing my paper...

Me: U ok?

Paper:Yeah...you know what?

Me: what?



Comment from : Jo Decheva

Asanka Rajapaksha
right now baby i'm torn😉😉
Comment from : Asanka Rajapaksha

Nor 888
Comment from : Nor 888

I love this song. I play piano with my youtube channel b.almirall.I would like to have many subscribers because we saw what I do to see if you like thanks!
Comment from : B.Almirall

Richy Plays Gaming
The amount of people who actually love this song

Comment from : Richy Plays Gaming

Fatuma Mohamed
Love you Ava max
Comment from : Fatuma Mohamed

Comment from : BANANA BANANA

Alina Chaudhry
friend im torn
me so am i
other friend im sweet but a psycho
me so am i
me editing my comment omg i got a like oh wait nvm that was just me lol🤣🤣

Comment from : Alina Chaudhry

Honeyy Girl
I can’t get enough from this song
Comment from : Honeyy Girl

Katja Švigelj
Nice song
Comment from : Katja Švigelj

Rian EDM
You're contagious,baby
Love when you love me , hate me
The way you rock , rock rock , my body lately
You set the rain on fire
I the lows were higher
Wish i could stop, stop stop to save me

Comment from : Rian EDM


Look at the screen and stop reading comments😌💞

Comment from : ConorETNTheories

isabella bernadette
Im gonna play this song at the area 51 raid.....lol jk
Comment from : isabella bernadette

Mahvish Tahir
It’s, it’s like we’re starting drama everyday
But u know that’s my favourite part 😏

Comment from : Mahvish Tahir

Mahvish Tahir
You set the rain on fire 🔥
Comment from : Mahvish Tahir

chelsea fc
i love this Song, thank you ava
Comment from : chelsea fc

Mika Phantomhive
The end is so cutie....
Comment from : Mika Phantomhive

Dion Denti
and i am a girl
Comment from : Dion Denti

Dion Denti
guess what i am doing right now i am torn
Comment from : Dion Denti

Nitri Bobby
Lol love ava
Comment from : Nitri Bobby

Guilherme Gui
Brasil here !! Like !!
Comment from : Guilherme Gui

kyra b
Who's better Katy perry like ava max comment
Comment from : kyra b

Simeone Di Gaudio
You're contagious baby with this song. This song is contagious, listen, listen and one more time listen
Comment from : Simeone Di Gaudio

bOoTiFuL hUmAn
2:53 OH NOOOOOOO. Like if u love ava max!

Comment from : bOoTiFuL hUmAn

Maria Fayyaz
I love this song
Comment from : Maria Fayyaz

Amanda Barry
💟 this song xxx
Comment from : Amanda Barry

kush __
Love this song "Oh No "
Comment from : kush __

Sharda Suresh
I wish this was on Spotify ;-;
Comment from : Sharda Suresh

dani umbara
Im lionels
Comment from : dani umbara

Memes For Depressed Teens
Comment from : Memes For Depressed Teens

Eddy jack
Wish someone tell me the title of the ending(song).
Thank you

Comment from : Eddy jack

Ricardo Carratte
Que isso, amei😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Ricardo Carratte

Youngblud fan UwU owo
Me when someone asks me out out but my best friends dont like them:right now baby I'm torn
Comment from : Youngblud fan UwU owo

Lovely song :D
question, does the outro song have a name? I would like to listen to it, somehow it sounds similar to me but can't remember xD

Comment from : HxilyaX

Jessica Chapman
this is the best song ever
Comment from : Jessica Chapman

Amanda Barry
AMAZING can't stop listening to this song xx
Comment from : Amanda Barry

beth Fleming
This song sounds like aba give me give me give me?just me
Comment from : beth Fleming

Vorname Nachname
Anybody else from Germany?
Comment from : Vorname Nachname

SJ Lee
Where was this song when I was still torn on whether to stay with or leave my ex 😭 Surprise (not), I decided to leave him.. and it was definitely the right choice ✌️
Comment from : SJ Lee

teh ais kaww
Who's stan for AVA MAX✨❤

Comment from : teh ais kaww

188th comment <3
Comment from : Lunxiia

I hear david dobrik?
Comment from : Becca

Breeana hey
My life right now
Comment from : Breeana hey

mixer_ maze runner
Wow Ava😱😱😱💓💓
Comment from : mixer_ maze runner

Alina Chaudhry
omg i just listend to this song and im already obsessed with it love ya ava max💕💕
Comment from : Alina Chaudhry

Sarina Sahak
Wow,so good voice
Comment from : Sarina Sahak

Alexandra Claire
I’m torn between choosing whether or not I like sweet but psycho or so am I better 😂
Comment from : Alexandra Claire

Amanda Barry
I'm torn too......
Comment from : Amanda Barry

Laura Malenica
1:07 This sound in song I think I heard it before
Comment from : Laura Malenica

Chariii _c
The tune of the chorus sounds similar to Rihanna's S&M song
Comment from : Chariii _c

XxRose Snow
Just imagine the guy you love to hang out with or your crush.
Comment from : XxRose Snow

Zoe Potter
Songs by Ava Max always remind me of Olivia Hastie loll idk why
Comment from : Zoe Potter

Zoe Potter
This song is great! It's now one of my favourites!
Comment from : Zoe Potter

Mr. KatyCat
Ava Max is a new, better Lady Gaga.
Comment from : Mr. KatyCat

Christina Davis
I’m torn because I’m back to school tomorrow
Comment from : Christina Davis

Smol Ella
I’m obsessed with this song! 😂
Comment from : Smol Ella

Wai Yan Lung
I’m torn from this song 💕💕
Comment from : Wai Yan Lung

Axcvbb Dzxcbb
Comment from : Axcvbb Dzxcbb

Nick 101
Ik bimen ava!
Comment from : Nick 101

Rustam Subxanov
Perfect song to listen to Great job
Comment from : Rustam Subxanov

Life with Maisie
I love Ava max this is my fav song from her 💕💕 I’m torn from this song 💕💕💕💕😂
Comment from : Life with Maisie

Kelly Chen
ahh im so obsessed with this song!!!! 💕💕💕😍😍😍 comment if you agreee!!
Comment from : Kelly Chen

Nick Lakshman
02:47 - her scream sounded nice :)
Comment from : Nick Lakshman

GirlsLovePotatos Debbs
Ava max is the best
Comment from : GirlsLovePotatos Debbs

laura AKA unicornhipeagal
This song is great!
Comment from : laura AKA unicornhipeagal

Umm lunch
Comment from : KingCrazy13

Nikki Salehi
I love all the songs ava max made😍😍😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Nikki Salehi

purushottam Murmu
August? After watching the story
Comment from : purushottam Murmu

Msp Gamer
"You show me love and give me war"..
Comment from : Msp Gamer

Sony Basanta
Wish I could stop, stop, stop to listen her 🎶😂. Love this song ❤️
Comment from : Sony Basanta

make this blue if you want a 1 hour loop
Comment from : CIPRIANO - CIPRIANO

Serena Clemente
such a crazy good beat her voice is lovely wish I could sing like that amazing song
Comment from : Serena Clemente

crystal totaram
Her songs are so good!!!
Comment from : crystal totaram

• Ava Khey Max •
OMG ! I love this song so much ! Ava-Max is really my favorite singer forever ! She is the best ! 🎤🖤💗
Comment from : • Ava Khey Max •

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