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Le'D T
Everybody is saying they listened to this when they were young, and I did too, but I first heard this on Hitch😂🤣
Comment from : Le'D T

Shelly Habershon
I love it
Comment from : Shelly Habershon

Je kiff ce son! Les annees 2000 y a rien de mieux
Comment from : MrJimmyValmer

Rahul Bhardwaj
know when i listen to this song with headphones on i sounds different
Comment from : Rahul Bhardwaj

Mike and GamerGuyz
I heard this on Dance Central 3 when i was younger. I did not know what the lyrics meant, but all i did was find it catchy.
Comment from : Mike and GamerGuyz

Munah Cheemso
Brings back my childhood memories 😩😩😩... Listening in 2020 👏
Comment from : Munah Cheemso

ابو حبيبا
Comment from : ابو حبيبا

Abdo Abdo
اللي جاي 2020 يسمعها
و فجأة اتذكرها😍

Comment from : Abdo Abdo

moayed issam
Comment from : moayed issam

Reda Boutkirane
Comment from : Reda Boutkirane

Keesh Lewis
Comment from : Keesh Lewis

Brianna Airola
Caress my body you got me going crazy- “THE LIGHT’S GREEN GOOOOOOOO”
Comment from : Brianna Airola

Talha Rajpoot
2020 kid Anyone ??
Comment from : Talha Rajpoot

Jazlyn P
aight im obsessed !
Comment from : Jazlyn P

Unruly Kriston Bahadur
This is true dancehall song. Not that crap alkaline and others does be playing
Comment from : Unruly Kriston Bahadur

I wonder why I listened this dirty song when I was seven and loved it even memorized the chorus.
Comment from : Maxamuud

Jose Ortega
Hey hey turn me on bb
Comment from : Jose Ortega

2019 يتنحاو ڤاع 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : azerty

This is the first song that I ever listened and that's crazy to me
Comment from : its TOUSHA

Dalibor Stankovic
Reserviert für 2020🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆👍👍👍👍👍🧨🧨🧨
Comment from : Dalibor Stankovic

Victor Daniels Aguinaga Abanto
I wanna dance with this song.
Comment from : Victor Daniels Aguinaga Abanto

I'm here from Chris browns questions
Comment from : YASMINA SIDIKOU

Kate Morgan
Does anyone else think this song properly displays the proper consent ettiquette of a dance hall? I mean, we know why they exist, right? Grinding and dancing helps some societies figure out if they want sex without having any. It’s a middle step between commitment based sex and abstinence. It also hammers out consent and deciding if you want a partner.
Comment from : Kate Morgan

irene pro
@Teresaexp seguite la mia amica
Comment from : irene pro

kika Cali
The music and his voice is beautiful, but the lyrics are no appropriate to listen everywhere😐
Comment from : kika Cali

angels joyson
Any body on november?
Comment from : angels joyson

Natara Coaxum
Listening to this song 17 years later at age 24 and realizing we all sang this song at middle school parties 😂😂 whoops
Comment from : Natara Coaxum

Unruly Kriston Bahadur
When I was 8 dis was me jam
Comment from : Unruly Kriston Bahadur

Imtiyaz Ali
Its an Awesome memory for me.. me My gf was drunk and danced a lot on this song and then had lots of fun.
Comment from : Imtiyaz Ali

ja toch
I was wayyy to young for this songg
Comment from : ja toch

Lífþrasir Loðbróka
🔥 2020 🔥
Comment from : Lífþrasir Loðbróka

Ubax Cabdifaarax
Ilove this song 😘😘
Comment from : Ubax Cabdifaarax

Guuleed Mxd xsn
the true love end
Comment from : Guuleed Mxd xsn

Anayeli Carpintero
AC 💛’s ABC
Comment from : Anayeli Carpintero

3abDou 9aLeL
Connor maynard - china , anyone here ?
Comment from : 3abDou 9aLeL

amish qali
Who's with me 18october 2019
Comment from : amish qali

Marcos Antonio
This song turn me on to dance like kevin lyttler
Comment from : Marcos Antonio

Mavela Salvatore 👑⚰
I love This song ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Comment from : Mavela Salvatore 👑⚰

Laura Huynh
Comment from : Laura Huynh

Mizzy Bones
Damn this reminds me of middle school I’m cringing
Comment from : Mizzy Bones

Mizzy Bones
Damn this reminds me of middle school I’m cringing
Comment from : Mizzy Bones

Skyebye Harwood
Love this song
Comment from : Skyebye Harwood

Nicole A
2009/2010 when all the good songs were at
Comment from : Nicole A

Ezequiel Silva
Morangos com açúcar season 1 férias de Verão! Zulu e Jamaica quem se lembra?
Comment from : Ezequiel Silva

Beto S Valois
“ got the python hollering for mercy “
Damnnnn lol 🐍

Comment from : Beto S Valois

missy Larry
Who is here 2019?
Comment from : missy Larry

Manny Puhnk
This song was played at every single house party in the bronx. 😂😂
Comment from : Manny Puhnk

Stranger.Things_xo Elisha
This was all six year old jams yeah but I thought it said hung me sqez me I thought it was a different language
Comment from : Stranger.Things_xo Elisha

aure sevas
Fucking A finally found who sings this.
Comment from : aure sevas

Still trying to like this song bc it was ruined for me but I wanna like it soooo much!! 😭 #rageplaying
Comment from : Natzilla

112 all my love
Kevin lyttle turn me on
Chris brown questions

Comment from : SPACE KINGS

Diahann Stevens
Wuh wuh on, sacred dance of GROWN FOLKS 💖
Comment from : Diahann Stevens

Diahann Stevens
Comment from : Diahann Stevens

Heaven Leigh
This song still goes hard. Got me up dancing and shit n I don’t even know how
Comment from : Heaven Leigh

breezy Mohamed
who came from chrisbrown song
Comment from : breezy Mohamed

Wendy Daniel
oh my gosh..I'm 6 yrs old in front of radio dancing hard didn't know what this song meant until I read the lyrics hahaha this is not for kids
Comment from : Wendy Daniel

Rukmini Vynatheya
I was just listening to this song now and a 6 year old I’m looking after asked me what this song is called because she apparently likes it.
Just like old times when we were kids hahaha

Comment from : Rukmini Vynatheya

Aug Ust
2019 🏆🇩🇿💕
Comment from : Aug Ust

Farzana Begum
Luke leanne emma mohammed sharfin farzana
Comment from : Farzana Begum

Farzana Begum
Sharfin mohammed zara kaine simith farzana
Comment from : Farzana Begum

kai russell
I wonder how many babies were made because of this song...
Comment from : kai russell

Melinda Fernandes
When I was little, I legit thought he was talking about his pet snake.
Comment from : Melinda Fernandes

mahdi sihamda
2019 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Comment from : mahdi sihamda

Evelyn Monterroso
Turn me on.... 😍😍😍😍💯💯💯
Comment from : Evelyn Monterroso

Surfaraz Khan
Glad english is not me first language , thats y i truely enjoyed this song when i was a kid lol😂😂😂
Comment from : Surfaraz Khan

Wendy Bella
If you're still watching in 2019🕺🕺🕺hit the like
Comment from : Wendy Bella

Amy Weir
heard this in turkey and loved it since :)
Comment from : Amy Weir

Ecclesia Kafalegn
Omg I never knew this song was dirty ....i used to listen this when I was young
Comment from : Ecclesia Kafalegn

Sumaya Mahamed
Damn I can’t believe this was my jam when I was freakin 7. I mean....the lyrics is just NOT for kids lmao 💀😂
Comment from : Sumaya Mahamed

zozo queen
Im here becous of shawn mendes and i dont know how shawn listen to this song its crazy
Comment from : zozo queen

inkar bakytkerey
Ok, Shawn Mendes said that he would listen this song for the rest of his life.
Comment from : inkar bakytkerey

More ‘ Dimpless williams
2019 here 😍
Comment from : More ‘ Dimpless williams

sudies 19
boy just push that thing 😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : sudies 19

Claire Morrey
brilliant song to pull to lol
Comment from : Claire Morrey

I listened to this when I was like 9.
Now, years after, I know how dirty this song was, but to a 9 year old, the beat was pretty cool.

Comment from : thevacdude

pro israel
was looking fore fore a wile and i foudn it by mistake
Comment from : pro israel

Aly H
I meannnn ...have u seen Jamaican ppl dance ?

Let me Jam u"def gonna be my new pickup line 😈

Comment from : Aly H

Sofia Reis
I used to sing this when I was a kid.. I miss being innocent
Comment from : Sofia Reis

Ryan Scribner
I thought this was a Bollywood song when I first heard it
Comment from : Ryan Scribner

Udeshika Ruwanpura
Oh my 🙄 This song wasn't for me when I was at the age of 4 or 5 😂
Comment from : Udeshika Ruwanpura

Thomassé Maryse
Who's listening rightnow.
Comment from : Thomassé Maryse

Marygrace Mazo
Despacito mashup brought me here
Comment from : Marygrace Mazo

Christine Fernandes
still listening in 2019. did it on tik tok too (:
Comment from : Christine Fernandes

Luis Totto
What kind of music is this?
Comment from : Luis Totto

ibtesaam chaudhary
2.3K pigs, filthy bastards.
Comment from : ibtesaam chaudhary

Thanks for the suggestion gem aha
Comment from : Darkrhino14

Hitch Herper's

Comment from : Hitch Herper's

Jane Lopeez
So this is where CHRIS BROWNgot his words and lines . TF?????
Comment from : Jane Lopeez

Oh Se
2019 present!
Comment from : Oh Se

Somebody please keep Drake Away from this.
Comment from : XayneGotDa'Sauce

Yassmine troudi
I realy like this song
Comment from : Yassmine troudi

Maria Casas
But if your going home with me you better change mind
Comment from : Maria Casas

Jonny Rickett
Love ya
Comment from : Jonny Rickett

cry baby
this song always make me wanna dance as a kid had no idea what he was talking about
Comment from : cry baby

turtle mania
Comment from : Clymentise

Alpha Red
Oh, so these were the lyrics.
Comment from : Alpha Red

Genet Assefa
Comment from : Genet Assefa

Manon Fages
Je kif grave se titre
Comment from : Manon Fages

Me too, it s Shame on me
Comment from : Ftm AITMS

Kevin's Chaotic Shuttle
Comment from : Kevin's Chaotic Shuttle

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