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Che Lacson
here bc of nadine and james break up ☹️
Comment from : Che Lacson

Knew the signs but neglected it and so it ended up with bruised and shattered heart 💔

Glade Glades
The ending lyrics pretty much sum up the outcome of one sided love....you have to move on
Comment from : Glade Glades

Trisha Del Rosario Silverio
Jan 2020 still listening... for my ex. Thanks for the memories. 10
Comment from : Trisha Del Rosario Silverio

Christine Zonio
I have the most recent comment here. 🤗😅 January 16, 2020 everyone
Comment from : Christine Zonio

Aubrey Alanes Sobremonte
2020 hehe.
Comment from : Aubrey Alanes Sobremonte

Aubrey Alanes Sobremonte
2020 hehe.
Comment from : Aubrey Alanes Sobremonte

Pjong Benedicto
Comment from : Pjong Benedicto

Pjong Benedicto
2020, and still I miss her so much. Angelica Kim B. Antonio.... I love you...
Comment from : Pjong Benedicto

i search for "i never loved by you" qnd i foud it HAHAHA
Comment from : HON EY

Adam N
Haven’t listened to this song in years. What an amazing song!
Comment from : Adam N

ai JEB
Comment from : ai JEB

JB Itaas
January 07 2020 💜
Comment from : JB Itaas

Sitiveni Tikoirewa
was i ever loved by you???
Comment from : Sitiveni Tikoirewa

Cherie Love
ahhh and listening to this makes me moore sad and broken.....its just how it is....
Comment from : Cherie Love

felix dela fuente
Who's still within reach of this song
Comment from : felix dela fuente

Eloy Buenaventura
January 2020 who’s up?
Comment from : Eloy Buenaventura

Jam Sahibbun
January 01 2020 whose up and listening to this?
Comment from : Jam Sahibbun

it’s been more than a decade now but here I am still 💔
Comment from : OL n WAN Tv

Jinjax Jacobi
For so many years I thought it is "Valerie"
Comment from : Jinjax Jacobi

Alyssa Estrellada
"i was stupid for a while💔😰
Comment from : Alyssa Estrellada

Andee Em
"i was stupid for a while"

Comment from : Andee Em

Gwendolyn Gemeniano
Comment from : Gwendolyn Gemeniano

blurryface girl
Damn time past by so fast. I was maybe 6 when this song came out and I just realized I was singing it with the wrong lyrics the whole time 🤣🤣 good times
Comment from : blurryface girl

Anthony Jimenez
Nice song pg nririnig ko ito na aalala ko ang ex ko 😔 2004 with my baby... Haha 😂😂.. Ngaun my mga family n kmi at parehas kming happy s family nmin.. My mga ex n maayos ang pg hihiwalay hindi man kmi close ngaun at least nag kaka usap kmi pr mg kmustahan man lng.. 😊
Comment from : Anthony Jimenez

Joshua Fernandez
This was my high school prom song. Oh memories😔😔. Time flies so fast😞
Comment from : Joshua Fernandez

i'm maryrose garnade wansue
Comment from : i'm maryrose garnade wansue

CJ Sevidal
December 7, 2019 💕 Anyone?❤
Comment from : CJ Sevidal

Mae Anggit
December 2019 still listening😍
Comment from : Mae Anggit

Divine Lapada
hurting....relate much.
Comment from : Divine Lapada

Gold Zone
Can i join you guys now? Ole for those girls who are hurt right now..
Comment from : Gold Zone

ayie zerrudo
I used to sing this when i was young!
Comment from : ayie zerrudo

Regine pabate
so nice song
Comment from : Regine pabate

Joy Quinton
I never had your heart. So true.
Comment from : Joy Quinton

Us&Titys 69
I love girls haha
Comment from : Us&Titys 69

donna hookem
Special song !
Comment from : donna hookem

carry B
Was i ever loved by you??
Comment from : carry B

Evangeline Cardenas
love's really "out of REACH", for how a HEART is really , that sacred!
Comment from : Evangeline Cardenas

Jesiebele Antipuesto
Comment from : Jesiebele Antipuesto

Johnson Edesuan
love this song,timeless.
Comment from : Johnson Edesuan

Emily Aranas
And i hope youll be out of my mind
Comment from : Emily Aranas

Paul James Baseo
october 12 2019 still tuch my heart☺
Comment from : Paul James Baseo

Ploy Lapas
Knew the signs
Wasn't right
I was stupid for a while
Swept away by you
And now I feel like a fool
So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?
Out of reach, so far
I never had your heart
Out of reach
Couldn't see
We were never
Meant to be
Catch myself
From despair
I could drown
If I stay here
Keeping busy everyday
I know I will be OK
But I was
So confused
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?
Out of reach, so far
I never had your heart
Out of reach
Couldn't see
We were never
Meant to be
So much hurt
So much pain
Takes a while
To regain
What is lost inside
And I hope that in time
You'll be out of my mind
And I'll be over you
But now I'm
So confused
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?
Out of reach
So far
I never had your heart
Out of reach
Couldn't see
We were never
Meant to be
Out of reach
So far
You never gave your heart
In my reach, I can see
There's a life out there
For me

Comment from : Ploy Lapas

bb my
Always thought this was Michael Jackson ngl
Comment from : bb my

Ronalie Cayme
Yeahhhh...love thisB-)
Comment from : Ronalie Cayme

Monty Gill
I love this song 💕
Comment from : Monty Gill

Michelle Quijano
there's a life out there for me🎤🎤🎤😘
Comment from : Michelle Quijano

jenny strong
I just like this song
Comment from : jenny strong

Damaris Eliana Lindsay
This song makes me cry 😭😭😭😭
Comment from : Damaris Eliana Lindsay

Surya Nanda
Out of reach....something very close but far away from my heart...but when i leave him....he was trying to search me....but sorry its to late....now you are just my memory....
Comment from : Surya Nanda

Mariz Catherine
Who's listening September 2019? I love this song so much. 😍😍😍
Comment from : Mariz Catherine

Was I ever loved by anyone?
Comment from : Xythar

Bisayang Lakwatsera
You're near to me but you're out of reach. Was I ever loved by you? 😓
Comment from : Bisayang Lakwatsera

Trust SPC
Tearjerker song
Comment from : Trust SPC

Jayr Bolambao
@fheryang ito yong song ko na gusto ko marinig pag kumanta ka.. Kc nkaka inlove..maiyak nlang ako pag narinig ko tong song
Comment from : Jayr Bolambao

Marjorie Delos Santos
Beautiful song that hurts.
Comment from : Marjorie Delos Santos

michael faegane
Comment from : michael faegane

fabiola fè
2019 still amazing ❤️
Comment from : fabiola fè

wa ng
When she said, " I was stupid "

I felt that.

Comment from : wa ng

Bhea C
This is the old version of ghosting.
Comment from : Bhea C

Gloria Bonia
Music never gets old

Comment from : Gloria Bonia

Heintze Urbina
I was stupid. End of story.
Comment from : Heintze Urbina

Priscilla Joy Baetiong
Comment from : Priscilla Joy Baetiong

Anica Marie Tanciano
Bridget jones's diary
Comment from : Anica Marie Tanciano

Su Shy
I will be ok.
Comment from : Su Shy

in this house we support the OT7 BTS
i never had your heart💔
Comment from : in this house we support the OT7 BTS

Im not broken but I love this song. Songs way back 90's is better.
Comment from : fifth

stuart peter wynn jones
At the end it's you never gave your heart. Not you never had your heart still good
Comment from : stuart peter wynn jones

Crystal_angel_017 K
Perfect song for me!!
Comment from : Crystal_angel_017 K

Jan Jan
"We were never meant to be..."
Mas masakit pa sa sinibak na mani.

Comment from : Jan Jan

Julie Jules
I love this song.
Comment from : Julie Jules

Kev Kevin
Rmmbreing old beautiful memories
Comment from : Kev Kevin

Nade Julcany
2019 still love this song
Comment from : Nade Julcany

Mary Ann D
Year 2001 💔
Comment from : Mary Ann D

I really like him. Like i couldnt think of anyone else i could be with but him. He was out of reach. I never had his heart.
Comment from : Gel

Elize Rea

Comment from : Elize Rea

Pūrple Potatö
We were never meant to be 💔
Comment from : Pūrple Potatö

Vedania Vanessa
July 7 2019 😭
Comment from : Vedania Vanessa

Mav Saliba
Was I ever loved by you?
Comment from : Mav Saliba

Eloisa Suagart
My favourite😍😍
Comment from : Eloisa Suagart

Loujaime GB
Was I ever loved by you?Out of reach so far..I told you it took me a years to moved on.(Saudiwithlove):/
Comment from : Loujaime GB

Pammiegem Cabaluna
Love it😍😍
Comment from : Pammiegem Cabaluna

Angelica Parcovilla
This is my story
Comment from : Angelica Parcovilla

Eiman Malik
bridget jones's diaries <3
Bridget Jones!!!!so many memories..

Comment from : Eiman Malik

Sophie Lou Kerr
I'd sing that with Gabrielle
Comment from : Sophie Lou Kerr

taleta nasi
Ga usah repot mikirin saya . Kalem ae
Comment from : taleta nasi

taleta nasi
Ide inspirasi apapun aku ga pernah minta balasan. Silahkan ambil manfaatnya. Jangan pikirkan itu dari saya.
Mainkan saja semoga bermanfaat

Comment from : taleta nasi

Abegail Placides
this song is my favorite song
Comment from : Abegail Placides

Eula barredo
this song brings me back to reality.. that i never had his heart and i was a fool.
Comment from : Eula barredo

peculiar potato
Sa Jamille Fumah story kinanta ni Abraham!!!
Comment from : peculiar potato

kristina cassandra candelario
out of reack is so good song
Comment from : kristina cassandra candelario

2019 👋
Comment from : KARMA MO

Helena Andrade
Was I ever loved by you? 💔
Comment from : Helena Andrade

Grazia cruz
relate much in this song💔💔💔💔🖤
Comment from : Grazia cruz

Joyce Asis
One of my favorite song. Old songs are just amazing.
Comment from : Joyce Asis

marsh metalrose
Im stupid for a while..... So confused ...and my heart bruised was I ever loved by you
Comment from : marsh metalrose

Lou Marasigan
It brings back memories I can still the happiness and pain beautiful pain that I want to feel again ❤️
Comment from : Lou Marasigan

Olivia Vizcayno
Comment from : Olivia Vizcayno

hassi dizon
Can't reach you😢 sorry for leaving you love. I love you and you know that but your family cant accept me😢😢 your family is what you really need not me. Gusto ko maayos ka sa parents mo. Ok lng ako bsta ok ka kahit sobrang durog nako kht sobrang sakit na. Gusto kta myakap ng sobrang higpit at sbhn sau lahat ng png aapi nila pero auko maging magulo kau.. gusto na kta mwkan at mksama. Sobrang sakit lang pnagtagpo tau pro hndi itinadhana. Mahal na mahal kita sobra. Patawarin moko sa biglang pag alis d mo kasi alam ngyayari pag wala ka. Mahal na mahal kta alam mo yan pero ito na ung tama para matahimik na lahat. Iloveyougoodbye😭😢😢
Comment from : hassi dizon

Joel Guevarra
I was stupid for a while

And i know we are not ment to be for each other

Comment from : Joel Guevarra

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