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Sapphire Stone
This would be amazing if she knew how to belt properly
Comment from : Sapphire Stone

Amber Mullenax
Love that photo of Christina!
Comment from : Amber Mullenax

Karen Ohm
This truly goes out to my son. Brandon he is my life line
Comment from : Karen Ohm

Uzel Oracoy
I turn to you father in heaven 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you lord jesus my saviour..
Comment from : Uzel Oracoy

ana pot
2020 ,💕
Comment from : ana pot

David Johnson
I love Jay so much when should I heard and take me back in her arms and I've been mistreated and then to call out my name so a lot that is hurt breaking and Jay call me how cute I hate my guts does hurt everybody makes fun of me though and that's fine
Comment from : David Johnson

Abegail Ricio
i'm listening to this song after reading "His into Her" story in wattpad 😊😊😊 #2020
Comment from : Abegail Ricio

Lydia Jasmine
This is for my Lord, Saviour Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. I could relate this song only with my God✝️🙏🏼
Comment from : Lydia Jasmine

Camille Banks
Soooo Space Jam brought me here
Comment from : Camille Banks

Dorothy Resendez
Comment from : Dorothy Resendez

Angelina DiGrazzia
Me baby! I'm always listening to the great songs from
1930's to current. As long as someone can write a great
song, I'll be listening to it!

Comment from : Angelina DiGrazzia

Yolanda Searcy
I sent this to my confidant my best friend kimmy that’s always been there to talk encouraged
Comment from : Yolanda Searcy

I cried because I remembered that this is Naih’s song for Maxpein😭
Comment from : 민아라

Cynhie Dave
ilove this song till 2020
Comment from : Cynhie Dave

Willard Burchett
Very talented and unique
Comment from : Willard Burchett

Mr nobody
For god so love the world
Comment from : Mr nobody

Brown, Eyez Girl72
👍👍👍👍👍👍2020 love her voice
Comment from : Brown, Eyez Girl72

bsc nyc
our love is beautiful!!! thank you Jesus!!! 🙏🙏
Comment from : bsc nyc

bsc nyc
how Sweet!!! 💯💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️🍌🐒
Comment from : bsc nyc

Hazel Hope
Lord Jesus is so worth it to turn to You
Comment from : Hazel Hope

karin andersson
Comment from : karin andersson

Andrea De La Fuente
New York City! 2020
Comment from : Andrea De La Fuente

Katenicole Arrizgado
I love this song😁😁😁
Comment from : Katenicole Arrizgado

Ana Lúcia Santos Gomes
Great, I love this music, thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Ana Lúcia Santos Gomes

Donald C
2020 and I still cry to this 34 today
Comment from : Donald C

Janet Cardulla
Comment from : Janet Cardulla

Jhomel Villareal
Everytime i hear this song i rememeber katrina velarde of the Philippines..
Comment from : Jhomel Villareal

Christopher Byrd
I actually liked the one 4 all version better! But Christina can sing her little fail off for a white girl!
Comment from : Christopher Byrd

zuna kay
Comment from : zuna kay

Jeffrey Belleza
I always remember this kind of heart felt music.. I love too
Comment from : Jeffrey Belleza

Janet Juarez
Beautiful song❤🙏🏼
Comment from : Janet Juarez

Kimberly Lillie
Me I'm here
Comment from : Kimberly Lillie

Angeline Evans
Im listerning in2020
Comment from : Angeline Evans

Maya Valihanova
Wow 🙏💝💞💜
Comment from : Maya Valihanova

thomas Mccann
P ssing in the wind mama.
Comment from : thomas Mccann

Erica Lauren Horn
This is for my God and Jesus and Holy Ghost. I love you 💕😘❤️ Lord and savior. 👼🏽👼🏻🙏🏻🕊🕊🕊🕊💒✝️🩰🎨🎸🩰😇😊
Comment from : Erica Lauren Horn

Erica Lauren Horn
Comment from : Erica Lauren Horn

Wishing .the. ..kunju...Vaavee..a Goodday...!!Indeed...THE...LOVE...u..give me immense strength...and u r the greatest passion I cherish .and cannot give away ..with...!!!Lovvv...u
Comment from : MINI MENON

Greg Morris
January 2020
Comment from : Greg Morris

Bernard Patinet
Comment from : Bernard Patinet

Comment from : P-Dog

I am, good music never gets old.
Comment from : JOSE NJOROZ

Emely Balansag
I'm still listening this song until now ilove it 🤣🤣😍😍
Comment from : Emely Balansag

Sara Gannon
Love it
Comment from : Sara Gannon

Stephen Bautista
Zarnaih brought me here :))
Comment from : Stephen Bautista

Richard Glazebrook
Beautiful love it 2020💜⚘🍦⚘💚💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Comment from : Richard Glazebrook

Seng Thong
Deafriendly so we favorite your sweet music thank u

Comment from : Seng Thong

cory gang
Who can I turn to?????????? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏☝️☝️☝️☝️
Comment from : cory gang

annie slat
Comment from : annie slat

Julie Ann Santos
who's listening january 2020?😍😘
Comment from : Julie Ann Santos

Joseph Bartholomew
Text me if you need to talk 904 405 7795
Comment from : Joseph Bartholomew

Fofoga Momoisea
I love all the song ❤️
Comment from : Fofoga Momoisea

Ofelia Martins
Lovely song😍
Comment from : Ofelia Martins

Missy Cusay
01-04-20 who's here?
Comment from : Missy Cusay

Kimberly Sweet
Powerful and beautiful
Comment from : Kimberly Sweet

Scarlett Lockhart
Who’s listening in 2020 🤣🙄
Comment from : Scarlett Lockhart

Dora Kaima
Be true to yourself
Comment from : Dora Kaima

Brittany Stine
January 2020??
Comment from : Brittany Stine

Berna Ems
2020 still listening.
Comment from : Berna Ems

Pam Allen
2020 NEW DECADE 🥰💖🥰
Comment from : Pam Allen

Anyone 2020?
Comment from : walle213

Tiff Clemons
Jus wish u was here right in front of me...becoming of one love an forever...jus being yourself an I as the same...
Comment from : Tiff Clemons

Tiff Clemons
I turn to u everytime...never to far behind..beside u an holding u up when u cant stand tall...pushing an encourage you..bc your worth ur exsistance is one in a million...always finding my way bk too u....
Comment from : Tiff Clemons

Heather Huffstetler Helms
2020 anyone??
Comment from : Heather Huffstetler Helms

Hazel Barefoot
2020 who's here
Comment from : Hazel Barefoot

Zharjah Hajim
Zarnaih Marchessa brought me heeere 💔 kanta nya for Maxpein nung akala niya wala na si Max 💔💔💔💔💔💔 lintek yung iyaq ko dito😭
Comment from : Zharjah Hajim

For my son's who are always there for me.
Comment from : LYNAE PRUNEDA

Karen Ohm
Brandon ohm I do turn to you
Comment from : Karen Ohm

Karen Ohm
This is my son all the way he is awesome
Comment from : Karen Ohm

Dori Valontino
2020 ?
Comment from : Dori Valontino

joe ilham
great song GOD BLESS
Comment from : joe ilham

Rose Baguio
Very nice song
Comment from : Rose Baguio

harriet mathis
I turn to you may the winds blows you me so i can feel safe being with you makes me feel so young and witty you are all i been needing i love you with all my heart forever your lady
Comment from : harriet mathis

Mohamed Ali Aghattaye
I think it is the Best.
Comment from : Mohamed Ali Aghattaye

linda stevenson
Beautiful song
Comment from : linda stevenson

Tatiana Farias
I don't have no one for keep me safe.😪😭
Comment from : Tatiana Farias

Anne Marie Aguas
Hihhh :(( naih
Comment from : Anne Marie Aguas

Murni Putu
I love CA
Comment from : Murni Putu

Amy Amy
This has Celine Dion vibes :)
Comment from : Amy Amy

Mohamed Ali Aghattaye
I like it yours songs.
Comment from : Mohamed Ali Aghattaye

Austin Dudley
Good song
Comment from : Austin Dudley

Kentucky Klemocky
Good one baby..
Comment from : Kentucky Klemocky

Miss Lily
Very romantic ♥️I love everything in this beat 👍💯✔️
Comment from : Miss Lily

Dedicated...in favour of...a strength...,love...and...inevitable passion...,lovvvvv...u.
Comment from : MINI MENON

🗣️Merry Christmas to Everyone & God Bless America ❗🎄🎆🦃🎀
Comment from : Doris~

Karen Ohm
This is my son and my song we have each other backs and I’m alive today because of him he doesn’t know it and I hope one day brandonohm u will realize u saved me brandonu are amaxing
Comment from : Karen Ohm

Mikki Kinser
Beautiful Song, Good Thing Us Lady's Have A Big Beautiful Heart ❤️... 🎶🎼🎵🎼🎵🎼🎶
Comment from : Mikki Kinser

Roma Gypsy
Thx baby
Comment from : Roma Gypsy

Natalee Patel
Thank you Jesus
Comment from : Natalee Patel

Pearl Henry
We love song
Comment from : Pearl Henry

Rae Rae
I am
Comment from : Rae Rae

Pearl Henry
Christina l love your songs
Comment from : Pearl Henry

Ginger Carco
Dedicated to my Angels in Heaven Mom My Dad! Now my Rick is my Daughter and I love her to the moon and back! Love this Song it’s my Fave Always and Forever!!! Beautiful!!! Love Christina, Always did!!! We look alike I am told for years people would say that chased me once at the mall grabbed me thinking I was her it was very scary but nice too! I can sing like her too I am Blessed guess we have some doubles in this world!! 😘♥️🎄💚 listening in 12/ 17/ 2019
Comment from : Ginger Carco

Ginger Carco
Thanks My Fave!!! 😘♥️🥰
Comment from : Ginger Carco

Delma Romero
Babe I always want to be strong and have that strength you need to look had with life because you are a wonderful person with lots of gift so babe never think that my love will end we just started leaving life with happiness and laughter so stay positive always love you💜🌹😇💋🥰
Comment from : Delma Romero

Lhei Espiritu
Comment from : Lhei Espiritu

Carrie Tant
its rainin tonight n im with my partner who tries n cheers me wen low
Comment from : Carrie Tant

Acep Vahlevie
Hi baby 😍😉
Comment from : Acep Vahlevie

Barna Orosz
Very Nice.Love.
Comment from : Barna Orosz

Sarah Dykes
This is dedicated to my mom.😍😘
Comment from : Sarah Dykes

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