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Laartje Appeltaartje
Omg I taught that everting is coming up kurt her was an everething is coming up hummel papoy was like wooiw
Comment from : Laartje Appeltaartje

This is honestly my favorite Kurt Hummel song on all of Glee, I re-wound that scene so many times just to hear it again and again
Comment from : vampire7210

Norma Josephs
All that work and Wut did it get me

Give em love and wut does it get ya

All your life and wut does it get ya?

I had a dream

And if it wasn’t for me

Well someone tell me when is it my turn


Everything’s coming up Kurt

This time for me

For me

Comment from : Norma Josephs

Fallon Burns
This is my favorite kurt song
Comment from : Fallon Burns

Shauna Emery
when someone deletes all your minecraft worlds 0:00
Comment from : Shauna Emery

Shanai Eliza Jane Collins
Comment from : Shanai Eliza Jane Collins

Kai Wolfie
This is song to me sums up how fustrated Kurt was at not getting more solos compared to Rachel and his dad basically replacing him with Finn. His feelings just came out. It was a healthy way to let them out. I know I would be fustrated too. Even more so at this point he needed to vent.
Comment from : Kai Wolfie

hi hi
2019 anyone
Comment from : hi hi

this is literally so powerful and i feel it
Comment from : woodlandwendigo

jude hutchins
i burst into the biggest smile listening to this
Comment from : jude hutchins

laura carrillo
My daughter is obsessed with Kurt hummel! Her name is Bri she love GLEE she watches it over and over
Comment from : laura carrillo

BrilovesKurtHummel Briones
Kurt's hot! I love his songs!!!😍💗💗💗💗💗💗💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🌹🌹🌹🌹
Comment from : BrilovesKurtHummel Briones

Maliah Durrah
I aspire to be like him
Comment from : Maliah Durrah

Tania Malfoy Felton
Este es el kurt del que me enamore y me hizo ver glee :( despues todo era rachel y blain y la serie se fue al carajo y deje de verlo :(
Comment from : Tania Malfoy Felton

•Jazz •
Comment from : •Jazz •

Lucky Ducky
Comment from : Lucky Ducky

Leilani Sean
Miss Rachel Berry!😂😂😂 He was making fun of her
Comment from : Leilani Sean

Kirsti Johnson
I love Kurt so much! He is just so cute & he has one of the best singing voices I ever heard! Seriously whenever I hear him sing he just has my full undivided attention & again he just sings so beautifully!
Comment from : Kirsti Johnson

Who else is here in 2018? xD
Comment from : Niisku

Inbar Reuben
Comment from : Inbar Reuben

Writing Talk
Chris Colfer's singing is incredible.
Kurt is basically saying #DealWithIt

Comment from : Writing Talk

Diana Arin
I love Kurt so much as a character and Chris is such an amazing actor
Comment from : Diana Arin

Leslie Casillas
Comment from : Leslie Casillas

Beautiful Bizarre
Just looked up just about every other version of this song and I keep coming back here. Kurt sang it the best.
Comment from : Beautiful Bizarre

He was a whiny dramatic annoying character
Comment from : Brody

Comment from : MrMustix

Evan The Gremlin
I can't sing this song because my name is too long for the saying your name part lol.
Comment from : Evan The Gremlin

Shadia Nin Marroquin
i love chris colfer
Comment from : Shadia Nin Marroquin

Maura Faith
He sings this better than the original tbhhhh
Comment from : Maura Faith

Cam Cami Cam-cam
Okay, but can I have all of Glee's soundtrack but this time with only Chris Colfer singing?
Comment from : Cam Cami Cam-cam

Deanna Bernard
His articulation is so clear omg yesss (where was this during my school's musical? The director kept yelling at the leads not to mumur. I don't know how long I spent chilling in the pit with my cello listening to him yell 😂).
Comment from : Deanna Bernard

1:24 i used to think it said "Everything's coming to Papa!"
Comment from : DigitalKing101

bethany willis
and then he became rachel's Gay Best Friend™
Comment from : bethany willis

Isis A'nee
Comment from : Isis A'nee

— A.
reminds me of some Musical i heard sometime....
Comment from : — A.

Phoebe K.
And now my family looks at me strangely as I sing out of tune.
Actually, they should be used to it by now.

Comment from : Phoebe K.

Angel Lovett
Comment from : Angel Lovett

The_ Queen
This is so me!! 😄😄
Comment from : The_ Queen

Olivia Griffin
And the show
Comment from : Olivia Griffin

Olivia Griffin
I. Love this song
Comment from : Olivia Griffin

7dayz videoz
i love this song sang buy kurt Hummel #gleelife
Comment from : 7dayz videoz

so powerful. so much emotion. best kurt preformance. the goosebumps and tears will tell you the same.
Comment from : Lezley_Love23

Meidey Payan
You know the way he says "me" sound like May and my name is Mei sooooo
Thanks Kurt

Comment from : Meidey Payan

Kirsti Swanson
Kurt is my favourite character in glee
Comment from : Kirsti Swanson

Comment from : たなまよ

Jamie Phelps
This song is too short...
Comment from : Jamie Phelps

Payton Adamski
God I love this
Comment from : Payton Adamski

Noelle Peffley
Kurt is my cinnamon roll I swear
Comment from : Noelle Peffley

God bless
Comment from : Syd

slowed to perfection
Honestly it would have been awesome if puckurt had happened in the show. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Klaine and everything, I just think they missed a lot of amazing opportunities that could have happened if Noah and Kurt got together at least once.
Comment from : slowed to perfection

In my opinion this was one of his best performances on this show! It was so powerful! Chris is a god tbh tho! <3
Comment from : Oforlikelalune

Tori Kreiss
omeg I love you are my iteal
Comment from : Tori Kreiss

Stream Butterfly by Loona
The emotion in his voice when he sang this :'(
Comment from : Stream Butterfly by Loona

Mini Milk
Everything's coming up kurt
Comment from : Mini Milk

fanatical Paradox
Probably the most heartwrenching thing man. I can't deal with that emotion and singing skill.
Comment from : fanatical Paradox

Amanda B.
The part of the song he sang in the episode is toward the end of "roses turn" before anyone ask
Comment from : Amanda B.

Ashley Gilham
Kurt is awsome at This song
Comment from : Ashley Gilham

Anyone else jizz in their pants when he sings get off of my runway? I like a man with power
Comment from : MidgetBuddie

Aure van Es
May I just put him in my backpack and take him home with me? Just.... can't.. to much sweetness and beautifullness in one song.
Comment from : Aure van Es

I cant get this song out of my head ;-; i love you Kurt
Comment from : AsgardianVulcan

oh my god i never knew his voice could be so strong!
Comment from : supplementalcircuit

Lizzy Newman
I could've met him, but I got really sick :(
Comment from : Lizzy Newman

Miss Rachel Berry<3
Comment from : radiantxdreamer

immamake youmybiishh
💛💙💜💚❤️💗💘💞💖💕💓 miss Rachel berryyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Comment from : immamake youmybiishh

Tatiana Gomez
i love this song 
Comment from : Tatiana Gomez

karli styles
This is my favorite musical number by him, it's so powerful I love this ❤️
Comment from : karli styles

Savannah Morgan
What episode is this??
Comment from : Savannah Morgan

what musical is "rose's turn" from?
Comment from : RAI

Chloe Fabray
that laugh is so hot. FANGASM
Comment from : Chloe Fabray

Comment from : Yoonji-m

samantha bullard
i cant find the original verson of this???!!!!! someone help me plz!!!!
Comment from : samantha bullard

Kurt is such a diva. I adore him <3
Comment from : Raine

His voice is so strong <3
Comment from : pinkjin

Bai Lani Morales
OMG I love u chris colfer a.k.a kurt hummle !!!!!!
Comment from : Bai Lani Morales

john paul george ringo
Kurt is amazing❤️
Comment from : john paul george ringo

I would soo be one of the everything's who get to "come up" Kurt ;)
Comment from : KamexKoopa

Sarah Schiffer
Comment from : Sarah Schiffer

laura phillips
Love this song:) He's such an awesome singer!
Comment from : laura phillips

Stefano Alessandri
This is AMAZING.
Comment from : Stefano Alessandri

This is really great. I don't understand the line "Where would you be, miss Rachel Berry".
Comment from : teatrohomosexual

Rita Marino
How I love Chris. He has such an amazing voice, so flexible, so harmonious...
Comment from : Rita Marino

Olivia Gardner
This song is really funny! He does it really well!
Comment from : Olivia Gardner

Kim B
Thank you! :D
Comment from : Kim B

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