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Okay people...

We all get it that you thought this song was about robots....

Comment from : Falc0n_f3ather

5-9 years olds: This song is about a robot.
10-14 year olds: This song is about being energized.
15-30 year olds: This song is about sex.
30+ year olds: This song is about drugs.

Comment from : Jojo

Natacha Chédel
2020?? 💙
Comment from : Natacha Chédel

"You got that kind of medicine that keeps me comin"
Actual Meaning:
"You got that kind of medicine that keeps me cumming"

Y u c k

Comment from : Jukalive

filip kubicki
( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)
Comment from : filip kubicki

It’s a sexual song..
O h

Comment from : Arcyan

Gabbie kitamura
looks like i'm listening to a song on Nightcore
Comment from : Gabbie kitamura

Majid Abdullahi
The creativity with the lyrics is amazing
Comment from : Majid Abdullahi

Lorelei Regalado
2:55 gonna leave this here
Comment from : Lorelei Regalado

innocent 4 year old me used to sing this a lot



i need help

Comment from : AShoppingTrolley

Gacha Rose
who's still listening to this song in 2020?
Comment from : Gacha Rose

Katy Ly
Comment from : Katy Ly

Silvana Crespo
Non credo sia solo una tematica sessuale.. il testo, se letto bene, dice molto oltre.. ma perché mai nessuno riesce a leggere oltre la superficie..? Scervellarsi e pensare ogni tanto non fa male!
Canzone stupenda!

Comment from : Silvana Crespo

Selena Avilla
2020, anyone?😅
Comment from : Selena Avilla

Ana Beatriz
Alguém em 2020?
Comment from : Ana Beatriz

Just created a slowed version of it UwU
Comment from : Plaggie

Tenía 14 años cuando salió esa canción.... :'( Recuerdos de mi adolescencia. ¡Como extraño esos tiempo de felicidad! :(
Comment from : A M

Futaba Naru Gonzalez
Goro Akechi dance theme
Comment from : Futaba Naru Gonzalez

Watermelon Sandal

12 y/o me: yelling this song not knowing what it means

Comment from : Watermelon Sandal

Jade Mina
Other people in the comments: omg I didn't know this song was about sex!

Me: I wish Nicki sang more in her songs

Comment from : Jade Mina

No name _
2020 anyone?
Comment from : No name _

Aya Ballouch
Comment from : Aya Ballouch

Supreme Leader
Anyone from 2020?
Comment from : Supreme Leader

Sami Sillgren
James blunt
Comment from : Sami Sillgren

jacko dolrmans
Comment from : jacko dolrmans

Gabby The Inkling
I’m here from TikTok with this music
Comment from : Gabby The Inkling

Panther Girl
A female scientist finds out that one of her co-workers has created the first robot in history. It was meant to be secret, but some rumors got around the facility, and she wanted to find out the truth. She finds the rumors to be true, along with a terrible secret. She finds that the robot gets mistreated by his creator, and is powerless to do anything about it, since its supposed to be secret. She proceeds to find extra time to look out for the robot from the shadows. One day, the robot spots her watching them, and she has to leave before the scientist catches her. That night, she decides to get the robot away from his oppressive creator, since this night was her only chance. She safely gets him to her house, but now the secret is in her hands. Naturally, the robot's creator lost it when he found his invention missing. As he searches for the one who stole the robot, she is becoming closer to him. One day, as she enters the science facility, she finds that one of her fellow scientists is dead, along with a note: I KNOW IT WAS YOU. that day, she is brought before the robot's creator and is given a choice: give the robot back or perish. She was given 15 hours to decide, and she felt that her robot friend would get deactivated if she didn't decide. Naturally, she wanted him to remain activated... Even if it meant he would be returned to his oppresive creator.

(I know what the song is about, but this idea hit me as i listened.
Sorry if it's no good.
You decide how it ends, if you made it this far, if you want)

Comment from : Panther Girl

iNnoCeNt wEabOo
When I was young I always listened to this and before they said turn me on I would turn off the living room light if it was on. Then I would turn it back on when they said turn me on.
Comment from : iNnoCeNt wEabOo

Ayuna [tomboy, bi, 16,psycho]
Nice lyric
Comment from : Ayuna [tomboy, bi, 16,psycho]

Christopher Martinez
Comment from : Christopher Martinez

Alexa De santiago
Comment from : Alexa De santiago

Roxy Ross
Now understanding the lyrics...
Comment from : Roxy Ross

Skyler Hobson
I actually forgot about this song I was 3 when it first started playing and the last time I heard it I was 8
Comment from : Skyler Hobson

| zPlzma✓✓|
im kinda scarred now i understand the song now and im 15 ;-;
Comment from : | zPlzma✓✓|

Sebastian Valencia-Santiago
The lyric videos are so Awesome from David Guetta
Comment from : Sebastian Valencia-Santiago

school N00B
disclaimer the comment section is full of regrets about this song
Comment from : school N00B

Tamanna Khan
I’m 21 now I understand what it meant 🤦🏻‍♀️
Comment from : Tamanna Khan

عسما حسینی
نمیدونم چرا حس عجیبی دارم
Comment from : عسما حسینی

Izuku Midoriya
I'm 12 and I know what she means

I have a very dirty mind😏

Comment from : Izuku Midoriya

meme troll
So damn happy I ain't the only one who thought its a robot singing to the doctor to make her come alive by turning her on back when I was 6
Comment from : meme troll

*Me When I watched Music Video Of Turn Me On*: I Can't Unsee this.
Comment from : Jukalive

The Awkward Potato
Everyone is the comments be like "Omg I was so innocent back then" while I'm over here realising I was dirty minded even when I was young.
Comment from : The Awkward Potato

Jeon Jungkook
wait ,this is not about robots/??. I feel DECEIVED
Comment from : Jeon Jungkook

Manasvi Jadcharla
When you re-discover a song you've last heard in 3rd grade...
Comment from : Manasvi Jadcharla

István Bertalan Bodrogi
EZ ,........,. JÓ
Comment from : István Bertalan Bodrogi

Trine Jensen
I once saw a video clip with the elevator-scene from Fifty shades of grey where Anastasia and Christian kisses for the first time and the person who uploaded the video had used this song as the theme to it, it was awesome 👍🏻
Comment from : Trine Jensen

matt bardot
— Nicki Minaj (2011)

Comment from : matt bardot

Angel leonardo Bonora huante
Ufas crack
Comment from : Angel leonardo Bonora huante

When I was a child, I used to listen and sing and scream this song like "Turn me on turn me on" Omg as an old innocent😂😂
Comment from : M D

Mc juggie squad
I remember listening to this when nina had her house with goats
Comment from : Mc juggie squad

Kadince Moschella
everyone is talking about their childhood song actually being dirty while I'm here for the editing of the lyrics in the video.
Comment from : Kadince Moschella

Mario Alexander
best song
Comment from : Mario Alexander

Alexandria Van deyl
2:15 need to mark the time might use this for an edit
Comment from : Alexandria Van deyl

Comment from : Alessandra

CJM Band
I I I I I I I I I best lyric
Comment from : CJM Band

Shanice M
Was I that dirty minded when I was a kid that I knew all these types of songs was about sex 😂😂
Comment from : Shanice M

Yani Arebalo
2019 y como sigue pegando esta cancion!!!!
Comment from : Yani Arebalo

stefanie livingstone
Turn me on 💖💕💓💗❤💚💚💘💋💋😛😜😈
Comment from : stefanie livingstone

Aria Danang
0:52 Is it Hardstyle?😱
1:07 I thought it was Hardstyle...😪

Comment from : Aria Danang

Nuha Icon
This song I was listening since 7 years ago when I was loveing doctor
Comment from : Nuha Icon

Tamanna Khan
December 2019anyone?
Comment from : Tamanna Khan

Moist Weems
I'm surprised that everyone here is saying they were so innocent when they were younger and misunderstood it but I knew the real sexual meaning right from the start. I always felt like it describes how I am bisexual and feel turned on by anything, even something actually non-sexual. Even as a 10 years old I could figure that out, were you all living under a rock or something?
Comment from : Moist Weems

Ultra D-Rex
As you grow older, this song becomes dirtier.....
Comment from : Ultra D-Rex

Nobody cares what u thought it meant, it still sounds hella good
Comment from : Greenland

Here's to the 2010s... 🥂
Comment from : Elitedevil

Gio G
I loved this song since 2017-2019😍😍
Comment from : Gio G

Cheska Claros
i used to listen to this when I was in elementary without knowing the meaning but with the beat and it is nicki minaj hahaha.
Comment from : Cheska Claros

Diana De La Rosa
I here this song when i was 7 years
Comment from : Diana De La Rosa

Freaxofhearts Card
So now that I’m older and listening to this again I realize why my mom never wanted me singing this out loud in public or at school when I was younger
Comment from : Freaxofhearts Card

Carnage 2018
Well, Goobye Mechagodzilla, Goodbye Transformers,Goodbye Jaegers from Pacific Rim(2013). When I listen to this song it remined me of all of you....
Comment from : Carnage 2018

JoJo ReiD
When u growp up and finally understant all sex references...
Comment from : JoJo ReiD

Mai Bùi
now let's replace "doctor" to "daddy", the song will be easier to be understood
Comment from : Mai Bùi

Diana Healy
Comment from : Diana Healy

Swarzner Gaming
R.I.P to those who thought this song was only about robots and that Nicki Minaj can't sing but only rap.
Everything proven wrong in this song 😂

Comment from : Swarzner Gaming

Olivia the Skeleton
anyone else know this at 10
Comment from : Olivia the Skeleton

Pavel K
2:55 best part 😂😂😂
Comment from : Pavel K

La-Tavia HeiHei
Comment from : La-Tavia HeiHei

La-Tavia HeiHei
i love the lyrics and voice singing :l anywas it was cool i saw it's oringal and offical video off it
Comment from : La-Tavia HeiHei

Trashy Chan PL
I see you came here because you doing old songs marathon ?
don't worry me too and also have a good day or night :3

Comment from : Trashy Chan PL

Katherine Kilgore
Anyone planning on listening to this in 2020?
Comment from : Katherine Kilgore

Laural ローラル
Aaaand time to delete my browser history
Comment from : Laural ローラル

pop_ mu22
This should be pubg's anthem
Comment from : pop_ mu22

Jenifer Garcia
David guetta ft nicki Minaj
Comment from : Jenifer Garcia

Robin Verhoeven
welcome back to another episode of "i didn't know the actual meaning of the song until now"
Comment from : Robin Verhoeven

D Massya
Comment from : D Massya

مهسا جلالی
I need doctor 😢😁
Comment from : مهسا جلالی

2019 and still better than 90% of pop songs. ♥️
Comment from : King

Stella Carrier
I have multiple good memories with this amusing song that is Turn Me On by David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj, I am fortunate to have first heard this song by the August 2011 timeframe from one of David Guetta’s music collections that this song is featured on. The collaboration between David Guetta and Nicki Minaj on Turn Me On is musically electric.
Comment from : Stella Carrier

Aaron McPherson
Nicki Minaj is the Queen of Rap 👑 STILL
Comment from : Aaron McPherson

Comment from : HUN GAMEING

I guess I'm the only one who doesn't think about robot at all
Comment from : Kayden

2019 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Comment from : BİNAY YILDIRIM

-minki minjaj

Comment from : Shalissa

Eddy Colon
I thought she was Selena Gomez
Comment from : Eddy Colon

Carlos Martin Cruz
todo practica de una voz increible
Comment from : Carlos Martin Cruz

Carolina Leon
1234567890. Gk. H k kk. A. C n km k jn m bk hj cg hjbkb. Xx. Mj. Vb cx bb bh. N hk. Nk n
Comment from : Carolina Leon

Brittannia Dias
looking bk, makes me know what this actually meant
Comment from : Brittannia Dias

Doctor, Doctor, need you back home in bed! -_-
Comment from : WinterGirl

NikNik Johnson
early 2010 kids: gigging to the dirtiest songs and not realizing till like 2019 to be honest all we listened to was katy perry, nicki minaj, jessie j,jennifer lopez,rihanna,lady gaga, maroon 5,justin beiber,one direction, and the frozen soundtrack
Comment from : NikNik Johnson

Rob Horgan
I'm 30 and to me the song is still about a robot friend. :)
Comment from : Rob Horgan

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