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Fly Ty
Comment from : Fly Ty

SERGIO turns me on wen I'm around him...

Leitcha Kumar
Love this song 😍😘😻💙💚💛💋💋💋💋💋
Comment from : Leitcha Kumar

mahmoud tito
The words is very important
Comment from : mahmoud tito

Cherry Picked
Comment from : Cherry Picked

Farhiya Barre
Who listened this be4 Chris brown renewed it??
Comment from : Farhiya Barre

supriya thorawade
Hello greeting from India......
Comment from : supriya thorawade

ganesh balroop
Amazing song G,!$$$$
Comment from : ganesh balroop

Champion Gunboy
I used to thieve out my parents house just to go wine pon a gyal in a d dance next door I was like abt 9yrs n now I'm almost 25 jamming to it.. 2k20 wow time flies
Comment from : Champion Gunboy

Sgarciab 16
Comment from : Sgarciab 16

Arifa Lukhicharran
2020 and still listening to this songs😌😊❤
Comment from : Arifa Lukhicharran

Eschell Bunbury
I know this song before I knew what it meant 😤
Comment from : Eschell Bunbury

Hema Ramoutar
2020 anyone!
Comment from : Hema Ramoutar

Ronald Jiménez Torres
Old music, Good music
Comment from : Ronald Jiménez Torres

Curtis Robinson
Comment from : Curtis Robinson

Acrom Akoi
2020 & it’s still popping ‼️
Comment from : Acrom Akoi

Sem Semx
Comment from : Sem Semx

littleaPLIER CatherinaLouise
Comment from : littleaPLIER CatherinaLouise

ImAn80'sBaby CaNtBeAtThe80's
2020 anyone??
Comment from : ImAn80'sBaby CaNtBeAtThe80's

Noah Diosee
2020 gang where ye at?
Comment from : Noah Diosee

02 / 01/ 2020 💪 DZ
Comment from : DOU SSA

Giselle Shepherd
2020... still listening to this song 😆😚
Comment from : Giselle Shepherd

Sherise Perryman
Grumpy CX f KD h DG DJ KD gf SF of DG lgdrcuflf lg lg
Comment from : Sherise Perryman

Sweet Niy
This song hit different
Comment from : Sweet Niy

William Wade
Who knows about real music poly wade say so
Comment from : William Wade

elmi masku
I used to listen this song every Friday when i was kid but now i understand every word he is saying
Comment from : elmi masku

Arwen Henríquez
Hello Christmas yeah 2019
Comment from : Arwen Henríquez

anyone because J.I used this hook in needed me
Comment from : Yuung_Jah

Kascia Walters
2019 U didn't turn me on. 2020 🙌🏼
Comment from : Kascia Walters

Risky Gai Official
Then Chris Brown reproduced it and named it Questions
Comment from : Risky Gai Official

cappuccino efe
Comment from : cappuccino efe

2020 any one 🔥
Comment from : DJ ALONZO504

Jordyn Toledo
No one realizes that the turn me on part sound like that one part in JI’s song need me?
Comment from : Jordyn Toledo

Shavonne Williams
2019 & forever 💓
Comment from : Shavonne Williams

all_ moods_13
Comment from : all_ moods_13

Saday Dominguez
Comment from : Saday Dominguez

Mohamed lamine Remli
This shit took me way back bro ahhhhhhh those days smoking weed all day every day
Comment from : Mohamed lamine Remli

Mind Control
Trash music. Its always about sex and other degenerative perversion. Ugh.
Comment from : Mind Control

Snapz On 30 fps
Lmao this song was at a dance today and freaking twerk on by 3 girls
Comment from : Snapz On 30 fps

Mrs i&M
Let me hold u ........💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Comment from : Mrs i&M

Cookie Monster
Who else is here because of chris brown's cover?- (questions by Chris brown)
Comment from : Cookie Monster

Najaxx Abdullahi
Comment from : Najaxx Abdullahi

Buny Kuol

Comment from : Buny Kuol

Nelson Garcia
October 5 2019 and still listening anyone else ?
Comment from : Nelson Garcia

Auchie Thomas
This is a soca song why does it say dancehall? So upset 😣😳😠
Comment from : Auchie Thomas

Lmao 2019?
Comment from : Moskie

Andy Guerra
Alguien en Noviembre 2019😃
Comment from : Andy Guerra

Andy Lane
All about sex checks out. lol
Comment from : Andy Lane

el wason bebe.. que robo
Comment from : BichoO182

I found it omg y’all don’t understand!!! My mom used to play this song and she would dance with me and my sisters and I seriously wanna cry
Comment from : velvety

Laura Huynh
Comment from : Laura Huynh

Darlin Bpeaceful
20O6 memories damn they were GOOD😝😍😜😛
Comment from : Darlin Bpeaceful

Katrice Hicks
I love this so much this turn me I am so horny
Comment from : Katrice Hicks

im lit
Found this song after 8 years now i can 't stop playing this
Comment from : im lit

Priyanka Dey
Any one listening ths time 2019
Comment from : Priyanka Dey

Exploring With Tim
2019 anyone??
Comment from : Exploring With Tim

Ali DeReal McCoy
2019 still jamming to our very own Kwvin Lyttle... Vincy to the world #784
Comment from : Ali DeReal McCoy

Willie Flores
His song remind u of my girl I sing this to my girl and she started to cry but not the bad things
Comment from : Willie Flores

john smithe
2019? Only me huh...
Comment from : john smithe

Chocolate Darling
2020 anyone??
Comment from : Chocolate Darling

Art of Dumb & Lazy
I know you’re son kJ I’m in his class CFA I’m Amber .Let kJ see this text
Comment from : Art of Dumb & Lazy

Toddy Turner
Who is still here 2019
Comment from : Toddy Turner

Joan Peggy
Still listening 2019😁🤗
Comment from : Joan Peggy

Antonio Ndong Dembele
Anyone here in September 2019?
Comment from : Antonio Ndong Dembele

Midwest Krazy83 Turner
Idk why in the fuck was in my head, I heard something like this in Walmart and thought it was this. And it wasn't I came home and typed it right in...lol!😝
Comment from : Midwest Krazy83 Turner

Nonhle Nhliziyo
helo 2019
Comment from : Nonhle Nhliziyo

susan carter
Stop saying Who's listening to this in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021..........
This song will never die

Comment from : susan carter

Maryan Abdi
It’s 2019 and this still my jam🥳🥳
Comment from : Maryan Abdi

Waleya Nanteza
If u think u gonna get away from me u better change your mind u going home with me to night
Comment from : Waleya Nanteza

Karan Muwel
Comment from : Karan Muwel

mixed african on the west
"Boy wine all around me"???!!
Comment from : mixed african on the west

Tanya Hargeisa'awi
2002 xasuus
Comment from : Tanya Hargeisa'awi

Ikechukwu Blessing
Comment from : Ikechukwu Blessing

justin rosado
I knew this for like forever
Comment from : justin rosado

Ma thouzan Mkundwa
are yu there guys....this song still driving me crazy
Comment from : Ma thouzan Mkundwa

Boyo Sewdial
Hits forever still playing in 2019
Comment from : Boyo Sewdial

Bosslady Tv
Comment from : Bosslady Tv

Joe DC
pa arrecostar los cocos
Comment from : Joe DC

Marjorie Thomas
I can listen this song over... and over!!! 👌👍👄👀🕶️👓👁️♥️♥️
Comment from : Marjorie Thomas

Assy natty
This what we call music, not this Rambo singing of now days
Comment from : Assy natty

Ildheere production
2009 still 2019
From republic of somaliland East Africa

Comment from : Ildheere production

Abdullahi Hashi
2019 august
Comment from : Abdullahi Hashi

The Yahye Hinaaro
from somaliland east africa 2009 still 2019 what song
Comment from : The Yahye Hinaaro

inaas123 inaas
Comment from : inaas123 inaas

Tania Germain
Comment from : Tania Germain

Deborah Dias
I just love this song. It's my favourite since my childhood 😘😘. It's impossible to listen to this song without shaking your legs
Comment from : Deborah Dias

Tammy Robinson
I heard this song while In Nassau Bahama on a transportation boat to the Blue Lagoon 2019.
Comment from : Tammy Robinson

kronos YT
Comment from : kronos YT

Tatiana Stennett
2019 anyone? 👍🏽
Comment from : Tatiana Stennett

shana thornton
Comment from : shana thornton

i,m alone
Anyone 24/7/2019 ❤😍🤩🛀
Comment from : i,m alone

Shelly Hassan
Love this song ❤️
Comment from : Shelly Hassan

Scott Medina
I dedicate this song too tootie ....my horse she's the fastest nicest horse ever....good girl tootie
Comment from : Scott Medina

Mbarak Dopest
School days end of year party way back when i will love you until lake Victoria dries love letters were real
Comment from : Mbarak Dopest

Ratko Topic
Best best best
Comment from : Ratko Topic

Omg I remember listening to this on my Tropical Thunder cd !!!!!
Comment from : fatherlean

Jozef Vrana
Comment from : Jozef Vrana

Like it Matters
Kevin Little: Hug me hug me, kiss and caress me
...times have changed 😂

Comment from : Like it Matters

2019 ?
Comment from : VERIFIED THREE

mchizi w wema
July 😍
Comment from : mchizi w wema

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