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Jerry Mudd
Love this song but Edna Swap is the original and did it better 😜
Comment from : Jerry Mudd

Peter Burke
Emmanation Lev limood universe Chol chal eyne choser chasar lo ta succession space subspace phase phasic interphase interphasic hamitic Semite demotic Greek Latin Arabic Hebrew German English grammar physics chemistry microbiology biology
Comment from : Peter Burke

Marivic Concepcion
🎶 🎧 🎵❤️
Comment from : Marivic Concepcion

kyria bordadora
I like song and music 🎶
Comment from : kyria bordadora

Comment from : saleemtar

This song brings back memories of how i felted at 18 years old.
Comment from : Sabrina

Jason Varte
This song reminds me of 1d
Comment from : Jason Varte

Melanie Grooms
This song used to make me cry as a child. I feel the same emotions now. Isn't it crazy how 20+ years can go by and a song can still make you feel the same?
Comment from : Melanie Grooms

Rofina Theirin née Cousland
"Illusion never changed into something real". I feel that real hard, right now.
Comment from : Rofina Theirin née Cousland

Margie Elias Paras
Guys Help me,Subbsribe to my channel.
Margie Elias Paras

Comment from : Margie Elias Paras

Jason Varte
This song was sang by 1d
Comment from : Jason Varte

Anderson Reis
Some songs are eternal, like this one.
Comment from : Anderson Reis

Erika Cedeno
Never will this song get old ❤❤❤
Comment from : Erika Cedeno

mark komperda
live fight evil
Comment from : mark komperda

FrenzyMedia - We know crazy.
Just now heard this song for the very first time and I already love it!
Comment from : FrenzyMedia - We know crazy.

Comment from : Nightmelody777

Pan Keyk
neck deep is the reason why im here
Comment from : Pan Keyk

I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel.
Comment from : Jade

Chrissie Julien
Wow I remember this.
Comment from : Chrissie Julien

Mariam Rushdi
Comment from : Mariam Rushdi

Beverly hills Maglinte
Comment from : Beverly hills Maglinte

Chris Hannon
Just an amazing song and what a great job Nathalie did..a huge international hit.
Comment from : Chris Hannon

this song takes me back to when I was 5!
Comment from : Ricco

Brett Soyars
Nothing like the feel good feeling of the 90's!
Comment from : Brett Soyars

pysiunia 15
back when i had crush on english teacher this song always whas in my head
Comment from : pysiunia 15

Mike Harrison
Listen to this again...
This time think of her talk talking to God....who she no longer believes in

Comment from : Mike Harrison

Savannah styles
I love this song I understand it
Comment from : Savannah styles

Less Is More
I was 6 in 1997! Remember this! My mom loved it
Comment from : Less Is More

Azmibadar79 Azmibadar79
6/1/2020...🇲🇾 Malaysia fans
Comment from : Azmibadar79 Azmibadar79

Georgia productions fan
Anyone 2020?
Comment from : Georgia productions fan

kay and
Comment from : kay and

Kamille Lopez
2020 yeah
Comment from : Kamille Lopez

Lissett Lamboy
Here 2020!
Comment from : Lissett Lamboy

Susana Martínez
Awesome 👏 love this song
Comment from : Susana Martínez

Licenciado Varela Oficial
Im here cause the 90's rocks
Comment from : Licenciado Varela Oficial

NK Nakhal
2020 and still listening to this.
Comment from : NK Nakhal

Krystal Robles
Comment from : Krystal Robles

amor corazon
Comment from : amor corazon

Alkelly Maquidato
Comment from : Alkelly Maquidato

Alinah Dodd
Who else came here after glee
Comment from : Alinah Dodd

Cherish Bermejo
Who's here before 2020??
Comment from : Cherish Bermejo

Carmela Zuño
December 30, 2019🎉
Comment from : Carmela Zuño

Tianna Carlson
Fuller House anyone?
Comment from : Tianna Carlson

Lone Star87
I get it. You're all out of faith. Yeah right! And I'm all out of mercy.
Comment from : Lone Star87

May Kook
2020 💕💕
Comment from : May Kook

Octopus Of Destruction
I just found out this is a cover of the original... it's still awesome but the other is a bit more raw.
Comment from : Octopus Of Destruction

Reid OHara
Torn was in fuller house season 5 max
Comment from : Reid OHara

Hanna Resmala
This my present at my 17 age
Comment from : Hanna Resmala

neya cem
+241219+I'm here
Comment from : neya cem

Queen Hijabs
Im 33 in age now but still feels like 17 yo now lol..🤣
Comment from : Queen Hijabs

honey kookkik
im torn...!!
Comment from : honey kookkik

Monic Cutting
December 21/2019
Anyone?? 🙌🙌🙌

Comment from : Monic Cutting

Sergio Rivera
Anyone who watchs Natalie Imbruglia in 2019?
Comment from : Sergio Rivera

YoursTrulyLing Anne
Gusto kong sumigaw 😒
Comment from : YoursTrulyLing Anne

Ayu Lestari
Comment from : Ayu Lestari

Hugo Daniel Rivas
Comment from : Hugo Daniel Rivas

Random Stuff
Whos here after watching fuller house....only me okay
Comment from : Random Stuff

taleta nasi
Comment from : taleta nasi

Katrina Singley
My workplace plays this all the time, and I never knew this was it until tonight! I’ve worked with them for over two years lmao
Comment from : Katrina Singley

getting faster
Sick of these God damn google adds, it's worse than TV in commercial segments
Comment from : getting faster

Heaven Hand
Comment from : Heaven Hand

Amornrat Sameprasert
13.12.2019 still love.
Comment from : Amornrat Sameprasert

Brendon Casarez
When he’s bigger than he looked in his Grindr pics
Comment from : Brendon Casarez

Venus Lionze
Anyone from Fuller House?
Comment from : Venus Lionze

Έλενα Κωτάκη
I miss the 20th century so much ....
Comment from : Έλενα Κωτάκη

Simply Charrie
December 2019. Anyone ? 😍😍
Comment from : Simply Charrie

Kyra Gernetzky
This song takes me back X-factor One Direction
Comment from : Kyra Gernetzky

Darin j6789
Cheeky lil Aussie Italian girl did good with this lil number .
Comment from : Darin j6789

Darth Maul
fuller house anyone?
Comment from : Darth Maul

I've been looking for this song for the past 6 years....
Comment from : Taydrum

Another Day With Natalia
Who's here from Fuller house
Edit: SUBSCRIBE to my channel

Comment from : Another Day With Natalia

Anyone in 2033?
Comment from : Konverzaktion

Chloe _
Parts of this really make it sound like she’s was raped.
“I’m cold and I am shamed, lying naked on the floor”-that’s pretty straight forward, but rape victims are often shamed for the crime they aren’t responsible for.
“I’m wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn.”-just being hyper aware of the situation at all hours of the day.
“You crawled beneath my veins and now.”-this definitely has a negative connotation.
“There’s just so many things, that I can’t touch I’m torn”-this sounds like triggers that may come from being raped.
“Nothing’s right I’m torn”-nothings right as in nothings okay.
“I’m cold and I’m ashamed, bound and broken on the floor”-this is pretty obvious. “Bound and broken on the floor”?
I wonder if “torn” is actually word used to replace raped?

Comment from : Chloe _

great song!
Comment from : Dredo

☁️😇 theMiraculousAngelic1991 😇☁️
I love this 🎶 so much, but it sounds like she been raped; because *lying naked on the floor* & *bound & broken on the floor* says it all.
Comment from : ☁️😇 theMiraculousAngelic1991 😇☁️

Catchy sad song.. don't know either to smile or cry.. do both :):(
Comment from : Ilham

Billy Madisson
3:26 20 years that i was searching what was that song
Comment from : Billy Madisson

Passive Intolerance
That’s what I call music, then, now and forever.
Comment from : Passive Intolerance

Paul Davis
How many of you know Natalie Imbruglia version of 'Torn' is actually a COVER?!?
Comment from : Paul Davis

Sandra Goodman
3:30 my fav part is the guitar
Comment from : Sandra Goodman

im so inlove with this song..💕

Melissa Metivier
I love this song 2019!!!
Comment from : Melissa Metivier

BaLaNce Heaven Sent
Balance Lee
Comment from : BaLaNce Heaven Sent

November One
I have very complicated relationship with my father, as he was an extreme narcissist while we were growing up. And there are many childhood wounds that it was very difficult to be healed. If not with my mother, I think he's nowhere where he is right now. If not with someone who truly cared despite his being.. I wish my family is just peaceful and loving. I wish to have a loving family
Comment from : November One

Oh my baby, how much I miss you, I still love you but you changed so much, and we broke each other hearts :-(
Comment from : Dalí

Tema da novela corpo dourado. Alguém lembra???
Comment from : Sinpf

Hallarious - Fairy
This song reminds me of a relationship what used to be amazing and then a heartbroken girl who just wants her old boyfriend back
Comment from : Hallarious - Fairy

Thaylla Galdino
This is how I feel now...
Comment from : Thaylla Galdino

Book of shadows contributor Brian
300rd comment 🕧🇦🇮🔕
Comment from : Book of shadows contributor Brian

Puppet String
There’s a mall that plays this song everytime i go there. makes me wanna go there everyday
Comment from : Puppet String

lila 123456789
Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone

For the woman,
Why this is always on my recommended ? You want me to be broken hearted ?

Comment from : lila 123456789

jari Jack
muito bom mesmo, meus parabéns por esse canal
Comment from : jari Jack

Emily Spellman
I love torn
Comment from : Emily Spellman

Dhanya Thomas
2019...Still a favourite...😍
Comment from : Dhanya Thomas

Voltaire Silva Barros
This is how i feel. Happy. This song is really good.
Comment from : Voltaire Silva Barros

d newkirt
When a girl did it to me , I vowed to never play with a person's feelings ever again...we don't ever truly understand the damage till it's done to us..I will never do that again
Comment from : d newkirt

Mami Bawlte
2019 november
Comment from : Mami Bawlte

Wilson Smith Keyler
09/11/2019 👍👍👍
Comment from : Wilson Smith Keyler

i’m 15 and i absolutely love this song, thanks to my mum
Comment from : izabel

My boys😭😭💔

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